Mid-August Updates

Things have been a little slow around here. What gives? Here’s are a few distractions.

1. I’ve been on the road a bit. Philadelphia & State College, PA; San Francisco, CA; and Vancouver, BC in recent weeks.

2. I managed to rupture a disc in my lower back. This, it turns out, is not a good thing.

3. Vicodin is an excellent pain and productivity killer.

4. Running: not so much. My last run was around Lake Union in Seattle around a month ago.

5. The DQ Mini Blizzards are pretty much the perfect size. I’m currently working my way through the candy bar flavors. Heath tonight. Snickers a few nights ago. The mayorship of the East Lake location is pretty solidly in my hands at this point.

6. Backyard landscape remix. Out with the deck, in with a new patio. It will be ready by the time the first snowflake falls, give or take.

7. Grouponing. I’m sitting on a stack of Groupons that need to be used. The Other Mike has been helping out. If you’re free for lunch or dinner and only mildly care where you eat, let me know.

8. Briefcase conversion. I’ve become a roller briefcase kinda guy. Considering that my briefcase is chock full of copper in the form of a computer, power cords, a 25′ extension cord, and splitter, it gets pretty heavy, which may not be the best thing for the discs in my back.

9. Seward Coop Chalkboard: I’ve been relying on the chalkboard at the Seward Coop for produce choices lately. Frankly, I have no idea how to pick out a fresh peach or avocado, but if the chalkboard says they are the thing to get, they will not disappoint. For example, apricots were killing it a few weeks ago. So good.

10. Bike commute: Did you know that one can coast almost the entire way from the Groveland Tap to the Longfellow Grill on a bike? Here is my route suggestion.

8 thoughts on “Mid-August Updates”

  1. @Reuben, we hired Phillips Gardens to come up with a design, and they arr also handling much of the project. I’ll work on some pics, and on organizing a patio party when it’s ready. Footings inspection for new staircase tomorrow morning will be the next milestone.

  2. I’ve been to State College on business. That makes two of us.

    How much for the excess vicodin?

  3. Ok, I give up – why would you want to bike from the Groveland Tap to the Longfellow Grill?

    Or do you pull an all-nighter at the Tap, and then go out for breakfast? 🙂

  4. I happen to live by the Longfellow Grill, so it’s more of a coast home thing for me, but others may find the Blue Plate connection worth exploring. A jucy lucy followed up with a turkey burger paired with sweet potato fries is a pretty sweet combo.

  5. @Lisa, it’s a cool town if you’re there for the right reasons or with the right people. I had both going for me.

    PS, I don’t deal drugs in public.

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