Taxing $1,000,001+ Incomes for Two Years #mnshutdown

On Wednesday afternoon I Tweeted this in Gov. Dayton’s direction:

Taxing $1,000,001+ incomes

Followed up with this Tweet to Kevin Watterson, the MN House GOP media services guy:

To @kwatt on Taxing $1,000,001/yr

This lead to a response from an Apple Valley based Conservative/Libertarian who questioned my figures:

@TeamFfej on Dayton's Tax Proposal

I do appreciate having my math questioned. If we can’t agree upon the facts, what chances do we have to agree upon a solution to a budget problem? That said, in this case, the second tweet I sent explained this precisely. The tax Gov. Mark Dayton has proposed to close our budget gap is a tax upon incomes above $1,000,000 per year. The rate is a 2% increase upon that income, so a person making $1,000,001 per year for the next two years would be taxed an additional 2 cents on that one dollar over one million, leading to a four cent tax burden over two years.

I tried explaining that with this Tweet:

Explaining Tax Rates

Which lead to this response:

Response to Tax Explanation

Which, to me, tells me that I’m having a hard time communicating with some people via Twitter.

I really hope that people can at least agree upon a shared set of facts. There is a factual budget gap to close. There are factual ways to go about closing that gap. We may disagree upon which solution is the best solution for closing that gap, but we should be able to agree upon the math used for proposed solutions (assuming the math is correct).

If that can’t be done, we’ll have a very hard time finding common ground on how to solve this factual issue.

3 thoughts on “Taxing $1,000,001+ Incomes for Two Years #mnshutdown”

  1. Are they talking about a 2 percent increase or a 2 percentage-point increase for the top tax bracket? 7.85 percent to 10.95 percent for the top bracket. That was the original plan.

    I really do think there are some severe limits to communicating on Twitter. And you’ve characterized it perfectly.

    My solution to closing the gap between the two parties would be a temporary 1 percentage point bump in Every Tax Bracket. I’ve been told that would raise about $1 billion. We all use state services, we all have skin in the game. We all should share in solving the problem.

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