Fund Vikings Stadium with Vikings Gambling?

Deets commenter, eric z, has come up with a creative way to get Vikings fans to pay for their own stadium: Let them gamble in their seats:

My stadium proposal is more modest than putting public money into it directly, or allowing Racino and putting proceeds into it as indirectly subsidizing it.

Wholly private sector ā€“ free market. Let Zygi build it, his dime, but then let him make book on NFL games, among those attending. He could have quarter by quarter betting on the Vikes home games, or possession by possession. A trifecta if you get the scores correct at end of each of the first three quarters.
Net yardage difference on a pair of changes of possession, with the house taking all if either team scores a touchdown or field goal.

During the week betting on injured players. Odds of a Harvin headache being a heartbreak, etc. Betting on whether the photos were really of Favre.

In half a year The Zā€™d recoup his costs of building the stadium, and he could make a fortune subleasing or franchising his enfranchised bookie rights to the tribes. They could even name him an honorary tribal member ā€“ something few New Jersey natives achieve in Minnesota.

Eric may be on to something there. If gambling is the only way to extract cash from the public for Zygi Wilf’s corporate welfare project, extracting that from gambling Vikings fans makes sense.

4 thoughts on “Fund Vikings Stadium with Vikings Gambling?”

  1. I would be more willing to support public subsidy of a Vikings stadium if the state were likely to be made a profit-sharing partner. At least Racino would give the state a cut of the action.

    What if we dealt the state in on a small percentage of the “increased” profits from a new stadium?

  2. Creative idea, much better than that same-old same-old scam of ripping off people trying to enjoy a meal out at a restaurant under the pretense that they wouldn’t go to that county but for the new pro sport (ahhhhhh) stadium.

    Let’s ramp this up, let’s really get creative and get this private funding up up up–
    –how about a reality show where Donald Trump fires a Viking player after each week.
    –how about a drinking contest where every fan in the stadium has to drink a beer when the PA announcer sports cliche of the week is spoken.
    …hmmm, being america, sex is probably still taboo, so I suppose stripping viking cheerleaders (or more) is still off limits…but
    –how about making Zygi the head of the Viking Megachurch (I hear Robert Schuller is available if Zygot needs consultation).

    Zygi, loosen up, bring in some friends, let’s get this thing done without the bother of all that public…funding and stuff.

  3. @Matt, here is how the Vikings look at profit sharing: The State of Minnesota should own the stadium, but when it comes to naming rights the Vikings should get the money. As has explained, the naming rights for the stadium could bring in $14 million/yr. The proposal they’ve been pimping would, strangely, split that between the state (who supposedly would own the stadium) with $10 million while kicking $4 million/yr to corporate welfare queen, Ziggy Wilf.

  4. @The Other Mike, you raise a great point: if Ziggy Wilf is such a great business man, why does he need to rely upon corporate welfare from a financially strapped state to pay for a building for his private business? Surely a man like Wilf has some rich friends who would be interested in investing in his project? That is, if the project makes financial sense. No? Well, that explains why he’s turning to the state.

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