Sgt Peterson’s Boot Camp Reviews

Below is my review of Sgt. Peterson’s Book Camp personal training.

I’m not interested in spending money with a company that spams the City of Minneapolis with illegal snipe advertising.

Sgt Peterson's Illegal Snipe Advertising in Minneapolis

In Summer 2010: Sgt. Petersons littered South Minneapolis with illegal signs along boulevards, including East Lake Street. I sweep up Tim Peterson’s litter and leave him a voicemail, asking him to stop littering in the city, and mention that it’s illegal. I end up using those signs in this video before throwing them in Sgt. Peterson’s dumpster:

Sgt. Peterson’s Sign Spam Round-up starting at 1:15

In April 2011: Aric McKeown wrote a post about the ongoing Sgt. Peterson’s illegal snipe situation on his Hardest Working Lazy Guy blog. That blog post is a work of art. Aric documents a crazy conversation he has with Tim Peterson where the Sgt claims ignorance of the law.

@aric Actually didn’t know it was illegal everywhere before reading the Code of Ordinances. Sounds like we’ll stop putting signs up.

However, Sgt. Peterson continued to spam our city after Aric informed Sgt. Peterson that what he was doing illegal.

Tim Peterson:
Do you know someone who wants to get paid $35.00 per week to place 25 small ground signs within 5 miles of downtown Minneapolis. I am told it takes about 2 hours.

Perhaps one of those new placed signs was this one I saw last week on Lyndale at 28th:

.@sgtpeterson here is a picture of one of your illegal spam signs that I tossed in a dumpster yesterday. cc @aric

The comments on Aric’s post are awesome, including one from Sgt. Tim Peterson where he attempts to justify his littering.

Aric has kept the pressure on Sgt. Peterson, with a new post up: SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp Knowingly Breaking the Law.

One of Sgt. Peterson’s favorite sayings is:

People don’t want to be told what to do, they love to be inspired.

Perhaps Aric’s documentation of Sgt. Peterson’s ongoing illegal activity will inspire Sgt. Peterson to be a more responsible business person? One can hope.

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