Econolodge, Salina, UT, TP

Econolodge, Salina, UT, TP

Jeff Skrenes of North by Northside blogging fame sent in this TP field report from Salina, UT:

In honor of the Deets’ chronicling of hotel TP photos, I took note of this dynamic at my most recent hotel stay. The lip over the toilet paper obscured whether there was a prepared TP fold. How was I to know, other than to introduce myself into the observational process? Upon pulling down on the toilet paper, I revealed a TP fold that was of such questionable quality that it fell apart immediately.

Much like the eponymous cat, Schrodinger’s toilet paper remains both folded and unfolded, until it is revealed to be folded, at which point it becomes unfolded.

Were it not for the impressive thought experiment highlighted by the service staff at the Econolodge, I would have been rather disappointed with the TP fold.

The man can go deep on the TP folding scene and fight crime with hula hoops.

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