A @savethevikesorg Communications Failure

Here is an example of the woefully misinformed tweets I’ve been receiving lately from Vikings fanboys:

@Diggz19 On The Vikings Plan

Does this guy really believe what he tweets?

How could he be so misinformed?

I get the impression that @savethevikesorg’s information isn’t getting across to serious Vikings fanboys, who assume that the Zygi Wilf and the Vikings MUST be planning on paying for more of the stadium than they actually are.

This might help explain why some Vikings fans are so confused when I call the current stadium bill corporate welfare. If the plan was simply to LOAN money to Zygi Wilf, I wouldn’t be calling the guy a welfare queen. Sure, the terms may be better than he’d get from banks or private investors (where he’s certainly welcome to go today), but at least the plan would be for him to pay his own way over time.

Sadly, that’s not the plan at all.

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