Giving a Vikings Corporate Welfare Superfan a Break

There is no question that a dude named Kevin that I’ve recently wrote about on this blog is a huge Vikings fan. In fact, he’s so huge a fan that he’ll literally spend hours and hours trying to convince Vikings stadium corporate welfare skeptics that they’re wrong. There’s nothing wrong with that. I certainly appreciate a good debate.

Kevin got a bit out of control last night. He went beyond debating an issue to downright idiotic ranting. He even bragged that he was doing exactly that to a fellow Vikings corporate welfare fan on Twitter. So, I decided to show off a few examples of just how ridiculous he was being in the wee hours of last night. Examples include irrational financial justifications, incomprehensible rambling, and impersonating me within the comments of my own blog.

Based on the comments I’ve received, some of you think it was childish of me to point out Kevin’s childish behavior. Frankly, that seems kind of strange since the tweets I posted came from his public Twitter account (which he later deleted [The entire account. Not just a few tweets.]).

But, considering that he’s a young dude who’s not officially tied to any of the corporate welfare solicitation organizations like Save The Vikings, I can see how it’s sensible to back off on the bludgeoning.

So, Kevin, have fun on Twitter, but know when to say when.

3 thoughts on “Giving a Vikings Corporate Welfare Superfan a Break”

  1. I agree that it was a good decision to pull it back. I read the earlier posting and I even decided I needed time to consider my comment before I responded…good advice maybe for us all.

    My overall opinion of these political issues is that our government representatives have ceded their responsibility to carry the debate to and for the people of the state.

    Where are the voices of our civic leaders? They are the ones who should be discussing this issue in public, not leaving it to the Kevins to control the messages being sent and heard.

    I am disappointed in what little I’ve heard from our leaders. This is how people come to feel blindsided when bills containing funding for things like this ‘suddenly’ are passed. Until each of their voices are truly heard by their constituents, I believe it would be foolish to pass funding for this stadium.

  2. This is only my opinion of course, but I believe the whole reason our civic leaders aren’t having an open discussion about this is because they know it will go over like a lead balloon.

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