Vikings Build Playground for Stadium Author’s District @savethevikesorg

FOX Sports North has an interesting article about the chances of a Vikings corporate welfare bill passing this year. The story profiles one of the corporate welfare authors, Representative Mike Nelson, DFL, Brooklyn Park, for his take on whether Zygi Wilf will receive hundreds of millions of dollars to help increase his private company’s profits.

I found this nugget particularly interesting (emphasis mine):

“Right now, it’s probably behind getting the budget settled. The governor and the House Republican leadership and Senate Republican leadership have got to get together. I think [in] a special session it’s something that will be on the table,” Nelson said Friday while working at the Vikings’ stadium playground build at Northport Elementary School.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. The Vikings showed up at Northport Elementary School in Vikings corporate welfare co-author Rep. Nelson’s legislative district to build a playground. When? Last week.

Rep. Nelson mentions that he’s a carpenter by trade, so would like to put people to work building a new stadium. This makes me wonder, if the state is going to spend public dollars supplementing capital improvements for private companies, why not do it for growing companies rather than established companies. As far as I can tell, the NFL allows 11 men on the field and plans to continue to allow 11 men on the field. On the other hand, if we subsidized capital improvement costs for young and growing companies, there is a good chance that they’ll employ more people in the future than they do today. In fact, if they create products or services that can be sold to people outside of the State of Minnesota, the numbers work even better. Just something to consider, Rep. Nelson.

6 thoughts on “Vikings Build Playground for Stadium Author’s District @savethevikesorg”

  1. So, let me get this straight. You’re claiming a yearly charitable act is some sort of conspiracy to get a new stadium? What’s next, the work they do for the Make a Wish Foundation is part of a conspiracy to raise ticket prices?

  2. Well, sometimes the Vikings like to put TWELVE men on the field…in NFC championship with the game on the line, of course.

  3. Well that is all fine and good except for the fact that Northport Elementary School is actually in Brooklyn Center which is District 46B.

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