@SaveTheVikesOrg Defends Josh Hewitt #Vikings

Cory Merrifield from @SaveTheVikesOrg is standing up in support of Josh Hewitt:

@SaveTheVikesOrg Defends Josh Hewitt

Here is an example Josh’s work on Facebook where he’s been busy lobbying legislators on supporting corporate welfare for the Vikings. This happens to come from one of Sen. John Pederson’s pages, but the message is fairly consistent wherever Hewitt spams it on behalf of Vikings welfare queens:

Josh Hewitt Lobbying for Corporate Welfare

Apparently, Vikings fans would be devastated if the Vikings left, but no so devastated that they’re willing to use their own money to pay for a new stadium. Instead, Hewitt is lobbying for public dollars to be used for a private sports entertainment enterprise.

Ticket Surcharge?

Vikings fans like Josh Hewitt and Cory Merrifield could cover the cost of the stadium with a ticket surcharge. All they’d have to do is sell 60,000 seats per game for 8 games per year for 25 years with a $50 per ticket surcharge. Surely, fans would be willing to pay that. Right? No? Oh, maybe that explains why Josh Hewitt is lobbying for corporate welfare rather than simply paying the true cost associated with a new stadium.

Recently, Josh Hewitt has switched to more of a hardball approach to corporate welfare begging legislators on Facebook:

Blaming Legislators for Not Supporting Corporate Welfare

You see, under “Save the Vikings” stadium bill logic, if you don’t support giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Vikings, it will be your fault if they leave.

No, it certainly wouldn’t be the fault of the Vikings, who could potentially find a market more willing to provide a public handout.

It’s absolutely not the fault of Vikings fans who are unwilling to pay ticket prices that would support the Vikings plan.

It’s definitely not the fault of Vikings fans who are unwilling to invest their own private money in this private business.

No, the fault would fall to legislators attempting to show an ounce of fiscal restraint during tough economic times.

At least, that’s my understanding of Save the Vikings corporate welfare logic.

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  1. I’m #4! Like Favre. However, this is a really boring topic and you’ve beat it dead. Time to move on.

  2. And to further my point, I unsubscribed to South Side Bill a while ago and I still subscribe to your blog–even though I’m a South Sider… (restaurant reviews to someone with the opposite palate, taste and viewpoints are just plain worthless)

  3. Every once in a while these guys blast my Twitter with a bunch of stuff, showing that they may not be targeting their efforts the correct way.

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