Josh Hewitt Uses Fake Twitter Account to Defend @SaveTheVikesOrg

Last night I sent out a tweet asking for an update on the fundraising efforts of, who seem to be in favor of the corporate welfare for a new stadium for Zygi Wilf:

Checking On SaveTheVikesorg's Fundraising Efforts

That got a response from a concerned Twitterer:

@DubbsTravels in Intervention Mode

We exchanged a few tweets about how my tweet wasn’t directed to @savethevikesorg, but was about their ongoing campaign for corporate welfare.

As the conversation progressed, @DubbsTravels seemed to agree with my on policy by differ on approach:

Josh Hewitt Transforming into Jeremy Woods

Now, take another look at the above screenshot. See anything else going on there? Check out the name associated with the Twitter account in the bottom two tweets vs the top two tweets. Yes, during our conversation on Twitter, this Twitter user changed their name from Josh Hewitt to Jeremy Woods.

Which made me wonder, what’s wrong with the name Josh Hewitt? I Googled the name Josh Hewitt and here is what I found:

Josh Hewitt: Vikings Corporate Welfare Fanboy

Would you look at that. It turns out that Josh Hewitt is quite the fan of corporate welfare for the Minnesota Vikings. For example, here is an excerpt from a guest post he wrote for

In the end, building a new stadium is an investment we have to make. We must keep the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. It is essential to our economy. And a priceless investment in our community.

– Josh Hewitt VIKESSTADIUM on Twitter

We “have to” spend public dollars to supplement the capital costs of a private business? No, Josh, we don’t.

Also, it’s interesting to note that this same Josh Hewitt is @vikesstadium on Twitter. This is the guy who, when attempting to tweet anonymously, said he was against public financing for a stadium.

Josh Hewitt: Save the Vikings Officer

Coincidentally, one of the Officers on the Save The Vikings Facebook Group is, you guessed it, Josh Hewitt.

It looks like Josh has also been busy spamming every legislator’s Facebook wall in support of the Vikings Stadium Welfare proposal:

Josh Hewitt Spamming Facebook for Save The Vikings

The last tweet I sent to Josh Hewitt / Jeremy Woods / @DubbsTravels was this:

Josh Hewitt's Lack of Decency in Vikings Stadium Debate

As you can probably imagine, that tweet did not receive a response.

Sadly, it appears that the Save the Vikings stadium welfare supports is willing to turn to deception to attempt to suppress opposition to their handout. I guess when a rational argument in favor of public financing of a depreciable asset for a private company can’t be made, one may be desperate in support of their personal want (not need).

9 thoughts on “Josh Hewitt Uses Fake Twitter Account to Defend @SaveTheVikesOrg”

  1. Or, Ed creates fake Twitter account and Tweets himself to create another “story”. Is this the best you have?

  2. By the way, I thought was run by guys named Cory and Brian. Who is Josh?

  3. So is he a member of SaveTheVikes or is he just a fan? Sounds like you’re making a pretty big assumption that he is a member of SaveTheVikes.

  4. Hewitt ought to get and read a copy of “Major League Losers” by Mark S. Rosentraub. A subsidy of a stadium is exactly the opposite of (as Hewitt put it) “… essential to our economy. And a priceless investment in our community.”

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