Minnesota GOP Reps Spent 33% More on Travel than DFL

Below is a ranking of Minnesota’s US House Representatives sorted by their Jan 1 – March 31, 2011 travel expenditures (found here) [PDF]:

Rep (Party) Travel Budget
Michele Bachmann (R) $22,820
Tim Walz (D) $22,118
John Kline (R) $22,063
Keith Ellison (D) $19,040
Erik Paulsen (R) $18,688
Chip Cravaack (R) $10,640
Collin Peterson (D) $7,996
Betty McCollum (D) $6,527

Yes, that’s self-proclaimed fiscal conservative Michele Bachmann on top, spending more taxpayer dollars on travel than any other MN Representative. And that’s DFL member Betty McCollumn at the bottom, spending 70% less than Michele Bachmann.

On average, the MN DFL spent $13,920 while Minnesota’s GOP Reps spent $18,552. Put another way, the MN GOP spent 33% more taxpayer dollars on travel than the DFL in the first quarter of 2011.

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