Tony Sutton’s Consistent Use of Erratic #stribpol #mnleg

Tony Sutton has referred to Governor Mark Dayton as erratic. I suppose that perspective makes sense, coming from someone as consistent as Sutton.

Tony Sutton fairly consistently lost jobs while running the Baja Sol restaurant chain, including his own.

Tony Sutton had consistently responded to stories reporting that the MN GOP still hasn’t paid many Minnesota counties for services they demanded related to last fall’s gubernatorial recount. His consistent response, for more than 6 months now, has been that he’s working on it.

Tony Sutton has consistently called Dayton erratic. He’s consistently stuck with this tired talking point even after it didn’t work during the governors race.

Tony Sutton has consistently used false outrage at Dayton’s positions rather than compelling arguments in support of his own party’s policies.

Tony Sutton seems quite consistent in his pursuit of personal profits from politics rather than using government to raise all boats.

Granted, the man is consistent.

Defining Tony Sutton’s Use of “Erratic”

The next time you heat Tony Sutton use the term erratic, try applying this definition to it: policies that Tony Sutton doesn’t personally profit from. I think that will give you a better understanding of what Sutton is saying.

2 thoughts on “Tony Sutton’s Consistent Use of Erratic #stribpol #mnleg”

  1. This “erratic” stuff is just partisan sniping. I have it on good authority he even has a window in his office.

  2. Is Sutton on the wane, GOP-wise?

    He had that problem with the casino gambling post, and Pat Anderson lobbying for racino and saying she’s honest about it not “a consultant.”

    Look at the name and parallel coverage, today June 2, at MDE and

    Brodkorb is the name I see more frequently. It may be he’s the role of spokesperson, but Sutton did resign that anti-expansion of gambling board seat [his spouse still being on the board because only certain family issues resonate Republicans, and cash flow curbs are not a part of it – the family that maximizes the cash flow is the paradigm of GOP priorities].

    That’s got the story about Tony, and CAGE has the board page updated — but Bridget Sutton clearly is the family’s Eveready Bunny, still going.

    Finally, the biggest hit against a GOP politico, being a business failure – being sacked by the cashier, good-ol Republican Boy Bill “Love that Pawlenty” Cooper.

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