Yellow Pages Spam in Cusco, Peru

Yellow Pages Spam in Cusco, Peru, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Actually, I believe this was a case of paginas amarillas spam. Maybe they
can feed them to alpacas?

Unsolicited print yellow pages spam is not unique to the USA.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Pages Spam in Cusco, Peru”

  1. @Matt, interesting point. In rural communities, I imagine things are similar to the USA. There are no choices, so there is little need for a yellow pages directory to compete within. And, in larger cities, things break down when choices in the book expand beyond what a person is willing to commute to or a business is willing to drive to. But, I have to say that the book itself was quite small compared to what I would expect to see in a similarly sized community in the USA, so maybe their businesses are more progressive with their advertising dollars than American companies?

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