Ramp Season in Minnesota

Ramp Season in Minnesota, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I get a kick out of the efforts restaurants in Minnesota will go to put
something fresh and local on the menu. For example, and this time of the
year, ramps are found in a bunch of the menu items at The Craftsman on East
Lake St.

Carly and I to there a few times a month, since it’s a short walk from our
home and always excellent.

Ramps are one of the first locally available vegetables of the spring, so
seeing them on the menu is a reminder that I may be able to take the snow
brush out of the car.

I’ll never look forward to ramps the same way I look forward to the first
sweet corn of summer or apples in the fall, or even beet season in the late
fall, but they are a sign of local seasonal progress. And, I do enjoy the
creativity that places like The Craftsman, Corner Table, and Heartland put
into their ramp integrations.

For example, last week I tried two of The Craftsman’s "ramped up" menu
items: An excellent elk burger with blue cheese and ramps paired with the
ramp Gibson shown above. If you’re your down the ramp, you may as well go
all in, right? I could eat the ramped elk burger every night. The ramp
Gibson? It was fun to try, but once was enough.

What else is out there, or next seasonally in the locally grown food scene
worth checking out?

4 thoughts on “Ramp Season in Minnesota”

  1. Ramps
    Not a vegetable that I’ve heard of around these parts. I had to google that one to see if ot was just a Minnesota name for something else.

  2. Rhubarb!
    Tasty in may ways, grows like a weed and makes terrific mixed drinks.
    – Chop it into large chunks, put it in the freezer long enough to freeze solid, then thaw it. All the juice will pour right out of it.
    – Mix in as much sugar as you like and combine with what ever liquor you have on hand, vodka is best.

    – Serve over ice on hot days in large quantities.

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