Mitch Berg Is a Civil Libertarian, Except When it Matters

On Saturday night during the debate on whether the MN House should pass the gay discrimination bill, I went back and forth with Mitch Berg on Twitter on that topic. If you want to catch up, read this from the bottom up (click for larger image):

@mitchpberg & @edkohler Exchange on Twitter

Mitch Berg provides a good example of what’s wrong with the current MN GOP. He states that he’s a libertarian, so doesn’t really care about the issue. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a pure libertarian stance on this issue be in favor of LESS government intrusion into people’s lives rather than actually working to amend the state constitution in order to further discriminate against our fellow citizens?

But, the really weak part of Berg’s argument is his last tweet, where he says:

Er, the vote is for a referendum, ya?

Yes, Mitch, you are correct. You done fine job pointing out that the MN GOP has decided to let the majority of Minnesotans decide what rights a minority of Minnesotans deserve.

I don’t know how you can call yourself a libertarian while aligning yourself with such hateful group of legislators who use the power of government to discriminate against fellow Minnesotans. There is nothing libertarian about taking away civil liberties.

I responded with this:

@edkohler responding to @mitchpberg

Which did not receive a response from Mitch. However, it didn’t shut him up. He just moved on to more hypocrisy, such as this:

@mitchpberg hypocrisy on Twitter

So, within minutes of failing to take a stand on the biggest civil liberty case in this year’s session, Mitch Berg flips to taking a stand on a civil liberty case that is NOT up for a vote.

As I see it, when push came to shove, Mitch Berg failed to stand up for the civil liberties of his fellow Minnesotans.

3 thoughts on “Mitch Berg Is a Civil Libertarian, Except When it Matters”

  1. The only thing I can imagine worse than volunteering your time for a pissing match with Mithc Berg is volunteering your time to attend a Pastor Bradlee Dean You Can Run … concert.

    Berg could be the opening act.

  2. @eric z, I wouldn’t lump Mitch with Bradlee Dean. I dig libertarians. At their best, they make people justify their actions. But, as we saw with Berg’s action in this case, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with expanding government as long at it doesn’t directly impact him.

  3. Years ago I had a problem with Craig Westover, similar. A libertarian wanting to curb reproductive choice.

    Go figure.

    Here in Ramsey, Anoka County. Republicans run the city council. They are getting deeper and deeper into land speculation, in competition with the private sector – because of their failed Town Center.

    Less government, it’s where I stand — except …

    That just don’t cut it. As they say.

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