Maple Grove, MN Ad Buy #NOH8MN

Building upon the launch of, I’ve set up an ad buy for Maple Grove related search terms (ad is on the right):

I think people considering moving to, spending money in, or living in Maple Grove deserve to understand who is representing them: that bigot MN State Senator, Warren Limmer.

I don’t know if Limmer’s bigoted bill is going to pass or not, but whether it does or not, he’s still the author of it and deserves credit for his bigoted actions.

That said, Sen. Limmer’s community of Maple Grove has electing him to the state house and later senate since 1988, including an unopposed victory in 2010, so I think it’s safe to say that Maple Grove residents support the senator’s bigoted values. If no one even bothers to run against the bigot, you can pretty much guarantee that the bigot will be his bigoted self.

Because of Maple Grove voters’ actions, I’m proposing a new slogan for Maple Grove:

Maple Grove: The city that votes for the guy that authored the bill to take away Minnesotan’s civil rights.

I registered the domain for 2 years, so plan to run that site through at least the 2012 election.

6 thoughts on “ Maple Grove, MN Ad Buy #NOH8MN”

  1. We have long known Maple Grove to be among the dregs of the Twin Cities Metro, yeah? It’s like a trashy version of Orange County (or, trashier, I should say).

  2. Ed, you know I love you, but this is one of the dumbest things I think you’ve ever done. To take one legislator – and then go on a tear against the city that he represents – makes virtually no sense to me.

    There are lots of loonies in Minneapolis, for example. Say the people elect someone who’s pushing something you find hateful. Is it logical to then launch a site discouraging people from visiting Minneapolis?

    Obviously, as a resident of Maple Grove, I have a bit of a vested interest here. But I think you’re painting the entire city with a broad brush. Perhaps even being hateful?

    Also, you’re being a dishonest advertiser. “Maple Grove Visitor Info”? Think you how would react to a corporation if they were advertising this way on Google.

    By all means – buy Warren Limmer search terms… campaign against him.. but this effort really rubs me the wrong way. This isn’t about changing anyone’s mind or about educating people.

  3. Zellers, Minnesota House leader postured over Bradlee Dean being beyond the bend, then pushed through a late night passage of the anti-civil rights measure. From Maple Grove.

    Zellers used Bradlee Dean as his “fig leaf” for “Don’t call me a bigot, I denounced Pastor Dean.”

    Hey, he’s not as much bigot, as conscience-challenged panderer.

    How low these GOP panderers will go in their GOTV quest for 2012 is shown by how low they have gone.

    Looking at them as a group, you can see why some old-school Republicans backed Horner.

    They will ship the nation into government overreaching into privacy and reproductive rights, and the fundamental right to be left alone by others when what you do is your business and not that of intrusive polity police.

    Nobody is saying these mythology driven folks cannot embrace their mythologies as much as they want; dedicating Sunday morning activity as they choose – for themselves.

    But where do they gain the audacity to say they can restrict the civil rights of others? Answer: from talking to one another, something fascists are driven toward, by the nature of their will to impose upon freedoms of others.

    Who is worse, Limmer who pushed the bigotry amendment in the Senate, ostensibly out of belief; or Zellers, who conveniently had Bradlee Dean positioned so he could denounce him, but then pushed the ill-motivated GOTV measure in the Minnesota House; ostensibly out of wanting a best chance of election victory no matter what constituency he had to court or how he would address that?

    My vote, Zellers, top hypocrite of the current session, so far. Limmer made Senate passage of the Bigotry Amendment less of a theatrical demonstration.

    And – Maple Grove. I went there once. Sorry I did so. It is so tacky you have to see it to believe it.

    Incredibly so, and it stands for what it is and the two politicians fit the bill, hand in glove tackiness and trash, all tarted up. Compare it to the legitimate things you’ve photographed around your neighborhood.

    Plastic, fantastic Maple Grove.

  4. There’s lots of reasons people might not want to go to Maple Grove, but who the city elected to the Minnesota Legislature is not a good one in my opinion. You can disagree, but there’s no need to make it personal. In a broader perspective, I’m of the opinion that boycotts usually hurt the people that can least afford to be hurt.

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