New Site: Should I Visit Maple Grove, Minnesota? #NOH8MN

I created a new website called Should I Visit Maple Grove, where people can fill out a short questionnaire to determine if Maple Grove, MN is the kind of community where they’d like to spend money, work, or live.

The inspiration for this site comes from MN State Senator, Warren Limmer, who is proving to be one of the biggest bigots in the current state senate.

Here is a video from 2010 where Sen. Limmer uses his own religious beliefs to justify government discrimination against a group of our fellow Minnesotans.

It’s seriously twisted logic. Sadly, Sen. Limmer’s logic has many parallels to how the civil rights of non-white people were abused based on twisted religious logic.

Minnesota is better than Senator Warren Limmer. Discriminating against people for political gain is not what this state is all about. Heck, the future of the MN GOP doesn’t even seem willing to stand by Senator Warren Limmer’s bigoted positions.

2 thoughts on “New Site: Should I Visit Maple Grove, Minnesota? #NOH8MN”

  1. I like what you are doing here Ed, this guys is definitely a bigot. I’m glad you are bringing to to the internet’s attention. Good luck with the Ad buys.

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