Minneapolis Snipe Sign Round-Up

Here’s a little update on the Minneapolis snipe sign scene. As a reminder, snipe signs are the illegally placed ads we often see posted around town on light poles or planted on boulevards.

1. Aric at Hardest Working Lazy Guy has been having some fun with a local fitness sign spammer, Sgt. Peterson. Aric documents some exchanges he’s had with the man behind the spam on his blog. The Twitter exchanges are particularly humorous.

2. Last fall, Aric also started a blog called “Hey, I Found Your Sign” where he logs signs he found. The signs weren’t exactly lost. Will snipe advertisers understand the humor?

3. Jeff Skrenes has been working hard to keep the Hawthorne neighborhood snipe-free. He documents his desniping adventures on his North by Northside blog. He recently upgraded his desniping hardware with some shears to help remove bolted corrugated signs.

4. Johnny Northside has been keeping an eye on parts of North Minneapolis as well. Last month, he put out a plea to sign spammers, asking them to stop using plastic signs since they’re not as useful for backyard fires.

5. And here is my recent contribution to snipe eradication in the city. They were starting to pile up in my garage, so I brought them down to the Walker Art Center on a windy day to shoot this:

That recording of Subterranean Homesick Blues is by a guy I met on YouTube, William Nowik, who recorded it on a 4-track tape recorder in 1974.

The quote at the end of the video is a play on an inspirational quote by Sgt. Peterson on his website.

6 thoughts on “Minneapolis Snipe Sign Round-Up”

  1. Brilliant video, Ed. Hopefully it inspires others to pull this garbage out of the ground and off the telephone poles in their neighborhood.

  2. Ed, this was AMAZING and HILARIOUS! Thanks. It also reminds me that a while ago, I wrote a Johnny Northside version of the song. We’ve recorded songs with Hillside Chronicles, and now I’m thinking it’s time to dust off that writing, update it a bit, and then shoot the video in front of some of the famous NoMi blogosphere attractions.

  3. I have contemplated returning yard sale signs to the addresses they advertise. I think a casual approach, “Hey, I think you forgot about this,” would be useful.

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