StarTribune Coverage of the Zygi Wilf Trial in New Jersey

In the past 60 days, the StarTribune has published 29 articles and 11 blog posts mentioning “Wilf” and “stadium”:

Zygi Wilf Trial Mentions

Over that same time period, the StarTribune has published 0 articles and 0 blog posts mentioning “Wilf” and “trial”:

Zygi Wilf Stadium Mentions

Their business appears to be a business of promoting Zygi Wilf’s business.

A little something on the other business dealings of a guy looking for hundreds of millions of tax dollars from us would be nice.

2 thoughts on “StarTribune Coverage of the Zygi Wilf Trial in New Jersey”

  1. I’d be more concerned if the deal at the Metrodome site was the one that was the most popular w/the Wilfs.

  2. The deal that goes through the Lege on the last day of the session is going to be the one that gives the local newspaper
    (the Star Tribune) a huge wad of cash for their otherwise
    worthless real estate next to the Metrodome.

    The present “proposed deal” for the Arden Hills site just north of St. Paul is just a deke. The state would have to actually shell out major bucks for the roadways for that one.

    The fun part is where they get to screw the left-leaning metro
    area with additional sales taxes to pay for this one, just like they did for the new Twins baseball stadium.

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