I Hope Andy Post is the Future of the MN GOP

In the time that’s passed since the Republican members of the Minnesota State Senate decided that’s in the best interset of the state to vote on whether a group of our citizens deserve the same civil rights as the rest of us, I’ve managed to find one shining light on the right: Andy Post of Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

While Post’s political party was working to divide our state based on support or opposition of equal rights for our gay citizens, Andy Post stood silent. He didn’t write even once about the biggest political story of the day.

My guess here is that Andy Post is different from the state senators who voted for this bill. He’s younger, smarter, and more accepting of the people around him than his elder statesmen and women. This is good. It gives me hope that the future of the Minnesota Republican Party will be more fiscal oriented than socially bigoted. He’s also not the kind of guy who’ll say anything, no matter how untrue, in order to make press (**cough** Tony Sutton! **cough**).

Fiscally oriented political junkies are great. We can debate whether tax dollars being spent wisely all day long. That’s a debate worth having, and one that people of all political persuasions should welcome. Frankly, we need more of that.

On the other hand, working to divide our state’s citizens based on bigoted policies shouldn’t be a part of any political platform. Based on his recent actions, I’m glad to see that Andy Post seems to agree with that, and I applaud him for it.

Another thing that makes me think that Post would put fiscal policy ahead of hate is his support for Marty Seifert for governor over Tom Emmer. Emmer was the candidate who would throw a gay couple under a bus to get elected, while Seifert was the guy who wanted every single dollar in the state budget justified. Luckily, the state of Minnesota was smart enough to vote for Dayton for Governor over Emmer. But, it would have been interesting to see how things would have turned out had Seifert gotten the GOP endorsement rather than Emmer.

Put anther way, Andy Post seems like a true business man. He seems to understand that discriminating against anyone limits your marketing potential, recruiting potential, and bottom line.

Whether it’s for financial reasons or a true difference of opinion from the MN GOP’s elder statesmen and women, Andy Post seems to understand that discriminating against gay citizens of the State of Minnesota is poor public policy. We need more people on the right, like Andy Post, who are willing to put civil rights ahead of cheap political gain.

(Closed circuit to Andy Post: If I’ve totally misread your actions and you’re actually a total homophobe, feel free to leave a comment below to clarify your position.)

3 thoughts on “I Hope Andy Post is the Future of the MN GOP”

  1. While this post came after my decision, I just wanted to note that I posted my e-mail to Senator Chris Gerlach voicing my “extreme disappointment” in his voting in favor of this amendment vote to my site because of the work you have done here in recent day.

    Even if we don’t align politically, I want to thank Ed for keeping the bigots’ feet to the fire.

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