Ads for Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Senators

In case you’re wondering what that last post about Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Senators is all about, it’s a landing page for some online advertisements I’ve purchased.

If you search for the names of any of the 38 state senators who voted in favor of putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot to ban gay marriage, you may not see an ad directing people to information on that page about that state senator. For example, a search for Bill Ingebrigtsen shows this:

Google AdWords for Bill Ingebrigtsen

As of today, it brings up his official senate page followed by his campaign website on the left in the organic results, along with an ad on the right directing people clicking it to this information about Bill Ingebrigtsen’s voting record.

I believe that people around the state of Minnesota deserve to know that Bill Ingebrigtsen is proactively working to discriminate against our fellow Minnesotans. And, the same goes for the other 37 state senators who decided to be on the wrong side of history yesterday.

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  1. Lol! NICE! Ed, you are a soldier, and the truth and technology are your weapons. Thank you for your service…

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