Recent Political Stories Andy Post Has Missed

Here is a quick round-up of stories Andy Post at Minnesota Democrats Exposed appears to have missed:

Six months later, MNGOP failed burrito baron Sutton hasn’t paid Brown County recount tab

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce said the Twin Cities deserves an A for business taxes when compared with similarly sized cities around the country.

DFL Rep. Steve Simon asks how many gay people must God create before we accept that he wants them around.

On the other hand, Post has had time to write a post titled “DFL Decry GOP Non-Budget Proposals While They Quietly Push Bill To Name a ‘State Mammal’“.

While naming state mammals doesn’t seem like a huge priority to me either, I don’t see how it’s the equivalent to the MN GOP’s wasting of state tax dollars on plans to discriminate against fellow Minnesotans based on sexual orientation. One is a relatively harmless waste of money while the other does real harm.

Andy, you’re smart enough to tell the difference, and would be a better person if you stopped defending bigots on your blog.

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