Foot Dragging Dan Loewenson of the Minneapolis Public Schools

north lake harriet beach
Remembering February 25, 2011

The photo above comes from Flickr user rgmir, who snapped that winter shot of North Lake Harriet Beach on February 25, 2011. That happens to be the same day (72 days ago today) that Sheila Regan with TC Daily Planet requested information from the Minneapolis Public Schools regarding a contract they awarded to Don Allen.

72 days have passed since Sheila Regan made her first request.

48 days have passed since her second request to the Minneapolis Public Schools.

20 days have passed since I asked Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, via Twitter, to help Sheila Regan with her story:

Request of Bernadeia Johnson via Twitter

17 days have passed since Assistant to the Superintendant of Minneapolis Public Schools, Dan Loewenson, told Sheila Regan that they are “not foot dragging”.

16 days have passed since Sheila Regan requested information on MPS contracts from Gary Anderson.

12 days have passed since Gary Anderson said he’d have information to Sheila Regan by the end of the week.

6 days have passed since Sheila Regan followed up with Gary Anderson after he didn’t live up to his promise.

3 days have passed since Gary Anderson responded to Sheila’s email saying that her request is “being reviewed by others” (whatever that means).

Back on Feb 25th, when Sheila Regan first submitted her request, it was 10 degrees F at noon. Yesterday, I mowed my lawn, and Dan Loewenson still hasn’t gotten Regan the information she requested. I get the impression that Loewenson has the power to get Regan the information she needs to do her job, so consider him the foot dragger at MPS in this case. Of course, it would also have been nice to see Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson motivate her staff after she received what I believe was a reasonable request from me via Twitter.

Frankly, I can understand taking unreasonably long periods of time to respond to unreasonable requests. But, Sheila Regan’s requests for information from the Minneapolis Public Schools seems perfectly reasonable to me, so deserves a reasonable turnaround.

How many seasons will change before Dan Loewenson responds to a reasonable reporter’s reasonable questions?

Support This Reporting

Sheila Regan is attempting to raise $800 to cover the costs of data practices requests and to make a living covering stories like this. She’s $580 of the way to that goal as of this writing. If you could chip in something toward that last $220, that would be awesome. Also, one downside to donating through is that they post donors’ names. If you’re willing to donate to this but don’t want your name displayed, shoot me an email. I’ll help you launder your donation through my account, and may be willing to make a matching contribution.

6 thoughts on “Foot Dragging Dan Loewenson of the Minneapolis Public Schools”

  1. I don’t see the specifics of the request which entitle the district to the $800 fee. Per the statutes she can view the information she’s requesting in person for free. They cannot charge her for that.

    I suggest she does that instead.

  2. Just to clarify- We still have not heard from MPS how much they will actually be charging. Part of the money we are raising through Spotus is going toward paying me to work on the story.

  3. @John, Sheila is still waiting for Dan to deliver the information she requested. My guess is that he’s going to wait until school is out to do what he could have done months ago.

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