The Wit Hotel Chicago, IL TP

The Wit Hotel Chicago, IL TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I woke up on the morning after Easter in a bit one blur. Carly had coffee
on, and was running around the house preparing for a work trip after getting
in a morning run. I skipped the run, but also had a work trip to hit.

After waking up, I shuttled Carly to the airport, then ran a series of
errands around town, such as getting dry cleaning down for future trips and
depositing some Deets checks at the credit union.

Where was Carly flying? Madison. Where was I driving to? Madison.

Initially, we had planned on being in the same city on the same night, but
she decided to ditch me in Madison so she could fly to Chicago to take the
TP shot posted above. Or, maybe her decision was work related?

I report. You decide.

Regardless, that is a tremendous TP fold.

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