Run Minneapolis: Downtown West, Harrison, Sumner – Glenwood

2nd St at 3rd Ave S

I did a run from downtown near The Carlyle to and through the Harrison Neighborhood back on the 10th.

The Carlyle Condominiums

That’s The Carlyle, one of the higher end condo developments in downtown. Looks like you could pick up a place for under $300k on the 9th floor, or, if you need a bit more space and a better view, cough up $1.7 million for a spot on the 34th floor.

Federal Courthouse - Minneapolis

The Federal Courthouse is also at this corner. Trevor Cook actually has his own navigational link on their website. You don’t want one.

Bottle House Wine & Spirits

Heading north (or is it west?) I passed the Bottle House. A popular liquor store in the neighborhood.

River Towers

Next was the River Towers. This condo has been here for quite a while compared to the buildings closer to the Guthrie. A way more affordable building downtown compared to The Carlyle.

Future Downtown Minneapolis Whole Foods?

Crossing Hennepin Ave, this is the home of the future Whole Foods. Or, that’s been the plan for at least 5 years now. I’d love to see it happen.

NiceRide, Haute Dish, Sinners, Sex World

When I reached 2nd Ave, I took a left and headed west past a NiceRide kiosk near Haute Dish (awesome restaurant), Sinners, and Sex World. I’ve heard too many stories about people ending up in the ER with random stuff stuck in their butts. Get your ass to Sex World before your ass ends up in the ER.

New Minneapolis Parking Meters

Second Ave has Minneapolis’ new parking meters that accept credit cards. Note the number at the space you’ve parked at, swipe your card at the meter, and put in how long you plan to stay. The interface is a little quirky, but it’s easier than finding quarters in your car.

PRI Public Radio International

PRI – Public Radio International. You’ve heard it, but did you know it was in 2nd Ave at 4th St?

Target Field

Our taxpayer funded, corporate labeled, ballpark. People pay to watch other people play a game here rather than playing a game themselves. Entertainment outsourcing.

Rod Carew Statue

Rod has a pretty sweet stance.

Salvation Army HOPE Harbor

The Salvation Army’s H.O.P.E. Harbor, at 10th St., offers long term housing for 96 previously homeless individuals.

Minneapolis Skyline from Lyndale Ave

I cut south and back north on Lyndale, where I grabbed this skyline shot. The Foshay is far from the tallest building in Minneapolis these days.

Cedar Lake Bike Trail

The Cedar Lake Bike Trail is an awesome way to get in/out of downtown heading west. Especially now that they’re connecting it all the way to the Mississippi rather than popping people out by Lee’s Liquor Lounge so they can fend for themselves on Minneapolis’ underwhelming downtown bike lanes.

IMS International Market Square

After passing west under I-94 on Glenwood, I passed IMS – International Market Square. Today, this is a mall for interior design aimed at the MSP Magazine crowd along with some lofts. Back in the day, it was a Munsingwear factory. Munsingwear created the first “itchless” underwear, was the official sponsor of the Pro Bowlers Association, and designed Gemini spacesuit material.

Blasted Art

I then headed west on 2nd Ave (a block south of Glenwood) and passed Blasted Art. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but they do some cool sandblasting design of glass, metal, stone, and other stuff.

Church for Sale

It looks like this church at 2nd Ave N at Morgan Ave N was Pentecostal Assembly, but is now for sale.

Glenwood Inglewood

2nd Ave N ends just west of Queen Ave N, with a view across Bassett’s Creek Park of Glenwood Inglewood Water.

Passive Aggressive Note

I headed north on Queen, then looped through a few streets bordering Wirth Park when I noticed this passive aggressive note. Sure, the car was close to the corner, but it was on one of the quietest streets in the city. Seems like a situation that could be solved by switching to decaf.

Joint Heirs With Christ Faith

I worked my way back east on 5th Ave N past Joint Heirs With Christ Faith at Newton.

Harrison Neighborhood Park & Community Center

Then ran into Harrison Park at Irving Ave N.

When I got back to IMS, I hopped on a NiceRide bike and rode over to Loring Park, then I saw this guy:

Guy with Poles

I think he’s a retired ninja.

Bar Lurcat

Across from the park on Harmon Ave is Bar Lurcat.

Nice & Eddie and Joe's Garage

Nick & Eddie and Joe’s Garage are on the same block. This entire street has excellent restaurants.

Basilica of St Mary

I shimmied north past the Basilica of St Mary ( is a solid domain name).

Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Looking right at Maple was the Minneapolis Community & Technical College. This is a real technical college, not to be confused with poverty pimping private schools.

Loring Park Neighborhood

Loring Park has a pretty solid neighborhood sign.

St Thomas Downtown Minneapolis Campus

I worked my way back across downtown on Lasalle, passing St. Thomas‘ downtown campus. Home of the Mini-MBA?

From there, I hit a NiceRide bike back to the Birchwood Cafe and ran home from there.

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  1. Again a hat tip for the thought of taking and posting the photos. You at least have one fan. I bet others enjoy the series too, but have yet to say so.

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