Run Minneapolis: Stevens Square, Loring Heights, Wedge

4th Ave S at 24th St E

Carly and her parents joined me for a run through Stevens Square to Lake of the Isles with a bonus tour on Groveland to the Walker Art Center.

Starting at the sound wall along 4th Ave S at 24th, we headed west toward Lake of the Isles.

Washburn Fair Oaks Park

Washburn Fair Oaks Park was starting to green up. This neighborhood is also a historic district with impressive mansions of prominent Minneapolitans from the early days of the city.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (aka The MIA) sits across from the park on 24th. A Venetian painting exhibit runs through May 1st.

City of Lakes Waldorf School

At Nicollet, we entered the Whittier Neighborhood and passed the City of Lakes Waldorf School. A pre-K through 8 school educational institution using Waldorf teaching philosophies (hands-on, artistic).

Leaning Tower of Pizza

Continuing west, we passed Leaning Tower of Pizza at Lyndale. They have a solid trivia scene on Tuesday nights.

Temple Israel

Temple Israel, at Hennepin and 24th, was Minneapolis’ first synagogue, and is one of the largest in the United States. While running by, Carly’s parents mentioned that they named a cat after the rabbi who was there at the time they lived in the neighborhood, Max Shapiro. Rabbi Shapiro has also had the Early Childhood Center at the Temple named after him.

Homes Near Lake of the Isles

The homes between Hennepin and Lake of the Isles get larger and larger as one approaches the lake.

Lake of the Isles

The trails around Lake of the Isles where busy with walkers, runners and cyclists. This shot was from the corner of the parkway and 22nd St.

Fremont Ave S at 22nd St

Carly’s parents checked out one of the houses they used to live in (I think they’ve lived in 14 houses around town). The brown one was a duplex at the time.

Hums Liquors and Red Dragon Restaurant

Hums Liquors and the Red Dragon are institutions in the Wedge neighborhood.

First Christian Church

First Christian Church, founded in 1877, is involved in many programs to help with homelessness and hunger issues in the neighborhood.

NFB National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota

The National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota, on 22nd St at 1st Ave S, is located in the former Charles S. Pilsbury mansion.

Gale Mansion

The Gale Mansion, across the street from Fair Oaks Park on the north, is a popular wedding and events venue. And, it also has a Pillsbury family connection. Edward Gale was the husband of Sara Pillsbury, former governor Charles S. Pilsbury’s daughter.

St Stevens Church

St Stevens Church is celebrating its 125 anniversary. The church has a long history of helping the less fortunate in the neighborhood. It’s kind of like the opposite of a mega-church.

The Electric Fetus

Back at 4th Ave S, we headed north past The Electric Fetus. Things were pretty quiet compared to the day before, Record Store Day.

Welcome to Stevens Square - Loring Heights

The Stevens Square – Loring Heights sign is more welcoming than some, with a decent depiction of the neighborhood’s housing stock and park scene.

Grace Temple Deliverance Center

Grace Temple Deliverance Center and the Willa Grant Battle Center on 4th Ave S is a non-demoninational church run by Dr. Willa Grant. Lately, they’ve been working to help rebuild a church and hospital in Haiti that they had previously helped build.

Stevens Square

Heading west on 18th St, we passed Stevens Square Park. A well maintained one square block park with a playground and basketball court.

Ganchen Bar and Restaurant

At Nicollet, we passed Ganchen. I just tried this for the first time last week. Excellent mock duck cranberry curry.

Plymouth Congregational Church

We passed Plymouth Congregational Church at 19th & Nicollet. Dating back to 1857, the church focuses on liberal theology and social justice issues.

Van Dusen Mansion / Center

The Van Dusen Mansion, at Lasalle & Groveland, is a popular events center. It was built in 1892 and was almost demolished in 1994. Luckily, it survived.

The Groveland

If you look left after popping out of the Lowry Tunnel heading east, you’ve seen The Groveland. This is the view from on Groveland Ave. Nice building.

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, at Hennepin Ave & Groveland seems to be popular among gay ex-Catholics who get sick of the guilt down the block at the Basilica.

World Mission Prayer League

We circled back on Groveland to Clifton, which took us past the World Mission Prayer League, which appears to be the local branch for a group of Lutheran missionaries.

The Woman's Club Of Minneapolis

Clifton took us to Oak Grove, past The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis; a networking, outreach, and events center dating back to 1907.

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  1. I live across the street from the MIA on the corner of 24th and 3rd. WE ARE PART OF WHITTIER! Our boundaries are Franklin, Lake, 35w, and Lyndale. The eastern boundary starts at the sound wall on 35!


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