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Johnny Northside has been blogging the heck out of North Minneapolis’ level 3 sex offender scene. As he’s made very clear, a small area of North has become something of a dumping ground for L3SOs. At its worst, one block has five L3SOs on it (including a “rapist village” documented by the Irving Inquisition).

Things do seem pretty concentrated in a few neighborhoods in North. The concentration of cheap rental units offered by slumlords may be appealing to guys who have a hard time functioning in society.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this flyer on the kitchen table at my office in Eden Prairie this week:

Eden Prairie Level 3 Sex Offender

A Level 3 sex offender in Eden Prairie within walking distance of Buca. How about that?

2 thoughts on “L3SO in EP”

  1. Sitting here with John, who has his elbows deep into a 3-1-1 photo/email binge (he even vigilante abated some graffitti in your honor today, Ed)

    Anyways we wanted to correct for the record, the 5 on one block is not the same block as the rapist village. But with so many to keep track of, it’s easy to see how you could get confused, Ed.

    The five (or more) on one block can be found in the 2500 Golden Valley Road and also 2200 block of Glenwood Ave.


    (We also predict the EP L3SO won’t be there long, he’ll get chased our way, sadly.)

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