Getting Paid for Privacy in Westin Hotels

This is cool. The Westin Nova Scotia makes it easy to opt-out of having your
room cleaned. Just hang this hanger. On top of that, they’ll kick guests $5
worth of food or Starwood points. Solid.

I’d live to see more hotels do this. I don’t even care about the $5. If I’m
in a room for two days, I can survive without having my bed made, shampoo
restocked, and even TP refolded. You don’t need to provide any incentives to
me other than making it easy for me to do it, such as hanging a sign on my

Now, I do understand that there is one side effect to this. Apparently,
housekeepers are not paid extra when cleaning rooms that haven’t been
cleaned in multiple days. That’s BS, since rooms clearly news more attention
if they have been lived in for longer. Hopefully, that issue can be
resolved. But the answer is not to have housekeepers run through the motions
on rooms that don’t need to be cleaned.

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