Is Michelle Koenig of PAMIKO Properties the Jordan Hawkman?

Here is an interesting accusation found in the comments of Bob Collin’s Newscut blog at MPR:

Jordan Hawkman’s REAL name……. Michelle Koenig..

Posted by Jennie | March 14, 2011 5:26 PM

For those of you slightly less obsessed with the PAMIKO Properties scene, Michelle Koenig would be the wife of Paul Koenig. Their slumlording company, PAMIKO, gets it name from a PAul & MIchelle & KOenig. Clearly, Michelle’s motives would be similar to Paul’s. (Sidenote: Paul Mark Koenig and Michelle Lee Koenig also own Marklee Construction. They’re into combining their names. Getting a divorce would be complicated.)

I don’t know who Jennie is, but I’m curious to find out more about why she made that unsolicited accusation in the comments of Newscut.

If Michelle Koenig is the Jordan Hawkman, that would explain how she was able to gain access to Paul Koenig for the rambling denial interview posted to that site and later deleted.

Place Your Bets

By the way, if you’d like to do some off track betting, one of Paul & Michelle Koenig’s race horses, Mambo’s Whip, is in the 2nd race at the Hawthorne (not Hawthorne, Minneapolis where a portion of their slumlord empire resided) race track in Illinois tomorrow. Mambo’s Whip hasn’t been in the money yet this year, with finishes of 5/9, 8/10, and 8/9, so the payout would likely be high for a win. The horse is owned by Paul & Michelle Koenig’s horse racing company Majestic Farms LLC.

11 thoughts on “Is Michelle Koenig of PAMIKO Properties the Jordan Hawkman?”

  1. @John, I’m in Las Vegas this week. Not sure if Hawthorne’s track is available for OTB from here, but if it is, I’ll try to place an appropriate bet.

  2. i wonder if michelle koenig is the one who thought RT was twitter lingo for “R.T. Rybak” and wrote a whole post based on that assumption. for some reason, i can kind of picture her sitting next to those four washing machines writing about retweet rybak. hmmmm. now i’m conflicted.

  3. Can we open an OTB facility and take bets on which one of the koenigs wrote which hideous blog posts?

    @Veg, they don’t have a Majestic mansion with four washers anymore, they are renting a dream house on the northside of Mpls from some slumlord who thinks it’s acceptable to have them shoveling their own sewage in the basement.


    Just kidding. But really, I don’t think they still “own” that place.

  4. before i put any money down, i want to see a venn diagram comparing (a) the set of posts and comments using the neologism “cracktivist” to (b) the set of posts using the genitive case of “it” correctly.

  5. Here’s the “raw sewage” article.

    (Doing horse race announcer voice)

    And it’s Raw Sewage running far down in the basement, but NoMi is pulling ahead… pulling ahead of Slumlord Empire, now, pulling ahead of Guy On The Corner and Mortgage Fraudster.

    Oh, the jockey for Spanky Pete just used his whip in a way that’s not allowed against NoMi, that’s going to disqualify him no matter where he finishes…but Nomi is still pulling ahead…

    Now it’s NoMi and the Koenig horse Mambo Whip. Mambo Whip and NoMi. Mambo Whip. NoMi.

    They’re nearing the finish.



  6. @John, I didn’t manage to find time to hit the OTB at The Mirage to place a bet, but I did swing by last night to check the results. It looks like Mambo’s Whip was 3rd, yet out of the money. I’m no horse racing expert, but I think the deal here is that there were only 6 horses in the race, so only paid on 1st & 2nd.

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