Taking a Don Allen Blogging Break

After pointing out that Don Allen (of Poopgate fame) follows a lot of porn stars on Twitter, he decided to pretend that I’m racist, and tweeted this out to his followers:

The Deet’s blog is upset because I follow Black women who work in the entertainment industry. The guy’s name is Ed Kohler, look him up.

It’s such a strange thing for Don to tweet, considering that the porn stars he follows are quite diverse, racially. For example, two time Adult Video News Best All-Girl 3-Way Award Winner, Karlie Montana (that link goes to her Wikipedia page) is Caucasian. And Devon Michaels is Hispanic. He also follows some white Playboy playmates and at least one Asian porn star. The screengrabs of porn stars I posted was not a complete list.

So I clarified things for Don with tweet:

Clarifying Things for Don Allen

That one didn’t get a reply, but it did seem to generate a response (although it could be coincidental). Don Allen has protected his Twitter account. That means that only people who currently follow Don can read his Tweets, see who he’s following, etc. Should you want to join, you now have to be accepted into Don’s exclusive club.

By the way, Don didn’t make up racist nonsense about me on Twitter once today. He went on a bit of a racist nonsense bender:

@IBNNNEWS Attacking Me with Racist Nonsense

To summarize, within hours of posting a blog post showing Don’s porn star follows, he:

1. Sent me a tweet saying that it was “Sad”. I think he means in a pathetic sense. Personally, I found it interesting. I mean, who would take work from a school system while following dozens of porn stars on Twitter?

2. Wrote this comment here, where he kind of but not really explains his brilliance:

There’s nothing to hide. Mr. Kohler is elementary at best. He knows nothing about viral marketing. He seemed like a good guy, and again, I can show him how to bring traffic to his blog in overwhelming numbers – the best thing is, I wouldn’t charge him a nickle.

3. Makes up a ridiculous racist statement about me that doesn’t connect with reality and posts it to his Twitter followers.

4. Protects his Twitter account.

Don also called me to talk about this. I didn’t take his call at the time because I was sharing a 2-top table with a gentleman who was kind enough to share the only airport restaurant table with an outlet in STL Terminal 2. Don, I may have time to catch up by phone on Friday.

Taking a Don Allen Blogging Break

I think I’m going to take a break from blogging about Don Allen. While every post generates an interesting response, they’re not the types of rational responses I was hoping to see.

For example, most people, when you document that they’ve made up a lie about a member of the community (like Poopgate) will correct their mistake. I’ve blogged about this one and even talked to Don in person about this. I don’t think he’s going to correct his blatant lie.

Most people don’t threaten local journalists like Sheila Regan (twice) and Corey Mitchell (twice).

Most people, when you point out that they’re following dozens of porn stars while working for the Minneapolis Public Schools, won’t twist what you’ve written to say that you’re insulting black women who work in the entertainment industry.

Most people, when you point out legitimate concerns about things they’ve written, podcasts they’ve recorded, pictures they’ve posted, and videos they’ve published, won’t assume that you’re doing so for blogging revenue. Most people would assume that someone trying to make money from blogging would write about topics of broad interest that would trigger lots page views serving high revenue ads. Neither of those factors exist with this topic.

Most people, when presented with a sound argument, will react with a rational response. But not all people.

That’s what I’ve learned over the past six weeks. What has Don Allen learned? I don’t know.

13 thoughts on “Taking a Don Allen Blogging Break”

  1. I think you learned Don Allen’s M.O.

    And it didn’t cost you a nickel.

    Or a European woodpecker, for that matter.

  2. But we love the stuff you write about Don Allen!

    Don Allen’s defense sounds a bit like THIS conversation:

    “You’re a stripper.”

    “I’m a DANCER!”

    What movie was that where this theme was repeated, in various forms, like about 15 times?

    By the way, if you take Don Allen’s call just be aware…you’re being recorded. He records people without telling them, then puts it on the internet. And I don’t mean he records the conversation of a MURDER SUSPECT. (I’ve done THAT) I mean, he’s always pressing the RECORD button when you’re not looking, doing this to decent normal folks that HE invited to talk, then wiretaps you like you’re a criminal suspect. Same if you try to meet with him, based on what I observed and my opinion of what I observed when I tried to meet with Don Allen.

    The man is a snake.

  3. A few things:

    First, Don is firing back at you by saying you think black entertainers should be followed on Twitter, but doesn’t he really mean to say you think they should NOT be followed? I can’t tell if he’s being crazy(er) or if he made a repeated typo. With Don Allen, “both” is also a probable answer.

    Speaking of repeated typos, I can’t help but notice he keeps adding a nonexistent one to “The Deets.”

    If this were Don Allen’s private (ok, it’s on the internet so “private” gets thrown out the window) or personal Twitter feed, that would be easier to accept the whole porn star thing. But the fact that it was on his “news” feed makes it different. Is Don Allen saying that porn is newsworthy? And how exactly does one disseminate news via a private/blocked Twitter feed? Wouldn’t it have made more sense just to un-follow the porn stars?

    Finally, I agree Ed. Your posts exposing this guy have been fun and helpful, but you can only argue with an insane person for so long before everyone else thinks you’re insane too. Time to move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

  4. Doesn’t the school systems and/or University system do a background check on these KNOWN pov pimps? I would think a red flag would show somewhere on a background check…what the? Keep up the good work GOOD NoMi folks.

  5. It would appear that folks like Don Allen and Jerry Moore got their jobs with the school system (MPS and U of M, respectively) through having a little bit of “political juice” with individuals inside the system.

    But you have to wonder, I mean, was there ever a point where Don Allen or Jerry Moore opened up their yaps and said, “No, I promise, if you do business with me it won’t turn into a big, ugly public mess.”

    Ed, I disagree with Jeff. I don’t think you should back off Allen. I mean, take a break because you don’t want to get in a rut, after all, but when you see something good to blog about in a few weeks or a month or whatever…

    Let loose.

    I doubt he will refrain from a public critique of YOU.

  6. Saw the union marchers on JNS blog…maybe the Jordan and Hawthorn GOOD citizens could make signs and march with the premise of what POVERTY PIMPS J Moore AND Don Allen and whom ever else are. FREE SPEECH, right? Then J Moore and Don ALlen can sue everyone invloved? At least it would get the word out on these NO ACCOUNTS. Just a thought.

  7. Interesting little exchange here. I’ll offer this, without comment on Don’s choice of Internet viewing activity. What part of the $15K prohibits him from visiting such sites? Is it in the contract? Is he on the clock with the school district his full workday? Is he accessing this material in their offices?

  8. @Rat, Don can visit whatever content he wants online. When he chooses to follow strippers on his Twitter account while on contract with the school district I pay for, that’s newsworthy to me. His contract may or may not prohibit it, but I would like to assume that the Minneapolis Public Schools would hold their contractors to the same standards they’d hold their full time employees to.

    Would you agree with that? Does that seem fair to you?

  9. By the way, when I said strippers, I should have said porn stars. That is a more accurate description of who Don appears to have been following on Twitter.

  10. Is it a personal Twitter account or a business Twitter account? If it were his business, I’d say that’s not good business practice. If it’s a Don Allen account, I don’t care what he does. Is there some rule that says employees of a school district can’t do the same thing Don is doing during time they are actively working on duties of the school district? At $15K I don’t know that that puts him at the disposal of the school district 24/7.

  11. @Rat, Don mixed business and personal stuff on his @ibnnnews Twitter account. He’d tweet out press releases, make personal attacks on reporters, and follow porn stars all from the same account.

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