Yellowbook USA’s Use of Social Media for Customer Service

One common use of social media services by companies these days is to monitor their brands in search of complaints from customers. If done right, companies can engage engage those people and possibly turn a frustrated customer into a fan.

And then their is Yellowbook USA’s strategy, which seems to be “insult the frustrated”. I get to experience this on a semi-regular basis on YouTube where commenters associated with Yellowbook take time out of their busy schedules to leave comments like this:

Dude, I work at Yellowbook. You’re such an idiot. Find better things to do with your? time. Maybe try and make some friends.

I left a reply:

@petejt1983 thanks for the tip. If I could offer? one to you: See if you can get your company to live up to the promises it makes. I think that’s a reasonable request. Agreed?

Will @petejt1983 take me up on that reasonable request? Based on what I’ve seen of Yellowbook USA’s culture, I have my doubts.

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