Run Minneapolis: Girard and Fremont Ave N

44th Ave N at Girard Ave N

Back on Feb 6th, Carly and I ran Girard & Fremont Avenues in North Minneapolis starting from 44th and heading south through the Webber-Camden and Folwell neighborhoods. Highlights of this run include many barbershops, churches, and mosques.

Shoefiti on Girard Ave N

One of the first sights in Girard was some mid-block shoefiti. What’s that all about?

North Regional Library

The North Regional Library at Girard and Lowry appears to be in great shape. It has 40 computer workstations and chess club is on Saturday mornings.

Mona H. Moede NELC ECFE

I believe this is the Mona Moede Early Childhood Education building at 25th & Girard, which provides programs for birth to 5 year olds.

Betty's Professional Hair Designs - Certified PHD

Heading north on Fremont, we started to see a ton of barber shops and salons, starting with Betty’s Professional Hair Designs (Certified PHD) and Brian D’s Old School Barbers at Lowry.

Fremont Clinic

The Fremont Clinic is celebrating its 40th year of providing health care in North Minneapolis to those with and without health insurance.

Minneapolis Christian Fellowship Center

Minneapolis Christian Fellowship Center, K-City Cutz (and cell phones, CD’s, and urban clothing), Divine African Hair Braiding (formerly Bamba?)

Fremont Market (We are OPEN)

I can see why the Fremont Market needs to have a “We are OPEN” sign. The grey boards are the same color as those used to board up vacant properties. But, that may be justified based on the business’ history of having people smash cars into it so they can steal cigarettes.

Camden Neighborhood Center

The Webber-Camden Neighborhood Center, at 37th, has been working for the neighborhood since 1994. The neighborhood is on Twitter at @wcno

Muhammad's Study Group

I couldn’t find any information online about Muhammad’s Study Group.

Fremont Barbers

Fremont Barbers, at 42nd St, is yet another barber shop along this stretch. It’s across the street from:

T-Shoppe Bar & Nu Looks Barber Shop

T-Shoppe Bar & Nu Looks Barber Shop. There aren’t many bars in North Minneapolis these days. This is a rare exception.

North United Methodist Church

North United Methodist Church, at 44th & Fremont, is 158 years old and has has memberships as high as 1,000 with a youth group of 300. However, as their site explains, they’re now down to under 200 members.

Masjid Al Akbar Mosque

I couldn’t find a website for the Masjid Al Akbar Mosque on 44th Ave N between Girard and Fremont.

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