Was Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties at the Johnny Northside Trial?

There were a few characters lurking in the back row of the galley of the Johnny Northside trial yesterday who seemed to be, well, lurking.

They seemed to take copious notes, but didn’t seem to be affiliated with any media sites that have written about the case. However, there may be one exception to that. The Jordan Hawkman blog. That blog, which I mentioned last week, has done some reporting on the case. Sadly, rather than report the facts as they saw them, they made up statements about one of the case’s witnesses by saying she was kicked out of the courtroom for texting when, in fact, she was removed from the courtroom when the trial began because she was a witness.

Could one of those lurkers be the anonymous Jordan Hawkman? Well, here is an interesting coincidence worth pondering. One of the lurkers looked one heck of a lot like notorious North Minneapolis slumlord, Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties.

Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties, LLC
That’s Paul Koenig on the left in the Twins hat. More pics of Koenig can be found
here and here.

In January 2010, I wrote briefly about Koenig’s crumbling slumlord empire, which included a boatload of properties in both North and South Minneapolis at the time:

PAMIKO Properties

Banks own a lot of those properties now. And Koenig is being sued by MinnWest Bank over this fiasco. This is the same Paul Koenig who was called “The One-Man Housing Crisis” by CityPages last year, and the StarTribune generously described Koenig a “Lax Landlord” in a March 2010 piece:

The Lees’ home is one of more than 50 Minneapolis rental houses formerly owned by Pamiko Properties LLC, whose recent financial collapse highlights a concern of housing activists: The city issues rental licenses to landlords without doing background checks.

If one had been done on Pamiko, it could have revealed that owner Paul Koenig filed for bankruptcy in 2000, hadn’t paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and had been involved in an earlier failed real estate venture on the North Side.

Now, assuming that Paul Koenig was who I saw in the courtroom yesterday, that could bring to light an interesting angle on who may be behind the notorious Jordan Hawkman blog. While Don Allen is probably involved at some level, the posts do tend to focus on attacking the kind of people who attack slumlords. Namely, John Hoff, Eric Johnson, and Jeff Skrenes. People who’ve blogged the dirt on Paul Koenig’s crumbling slumlord empire, and the impact that’s had on their community.

That would explain how the Jordan Hawkman blog has covered courtroom proceedings, and why JHG had no friends in the galley.

If you happen to be down at the courtroom today (Government Center, Room 655C), keep an eye out for Mr. Koenig. If you see him, ask him what he’s done for North Minneapolis lately.

15 thoughts on “Was Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties at the Johnny Northside Trial?”

  1. OMG, that guy was giving me the stink-eye in the hallway before the opening statements! I had no idea who he was, or why he transfixed by my camera. I guess he was scared of someone documenting his presence and ruining his cover. I should’ve taken his picture but he totally creeped me out!

  2. Julie if you were taking pictures in the hallway outside of the courtroom you were violating the rules. The signs state no photography. Maybe that’s why he was looking at you.

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  4. So here is the message that I am hearing from you.
    1)It is not possible to post as anonymous because you have a method to identify commenters.
    2)You will not respect a commenters desire to remain anonymous, and avoid possible harassment from those who may disagree with their views.
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    4)If anonymous commenters don’t like what you do to their comments, you will delete them.
    To that I say shame on you. In my opinion that makes you look petty and damages your credibility to allow the same free speech that John Hoff is fighting for. But I will follow your rules.
    Any journalist or blogger that manipulates comments lacks integrity.

  5. @anon03082011, I understand your frustrations, and, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve approved your comments in spite of the fact that they’re anonymous. As I’m sure you understand, I’m under no obligation to do so. In your case, you’ve not only posted anonymously, but you’ve changed your name, email, and IP address from one comment to the next, which creates the illusion of you being more than one person. That may be acceptible on some sites, but I think it’s a disservice to my readers to give them the impression that you’re more than one person. You have a coalition of one.

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    If my commenting policies are not clear enough for you, or if you’re not comfortable with them, you’re welcome to not comment.

    Moving on, here’s something to think about. I’ve been blogging for more than seven years. I rarely run into issues with commenters commenting under multiple personalities. You’re also the first commenter who’s linked to text used in Jill Clark’s questioning of John Hoff in court when, I believe, Paul Koenig was in attendance. That is one heck of a strange coincidence.

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  7. Jordan Hawkman interests me. It is not a good way to do blogging. Anonymous comments is one thing. An anonymous blog is another. As in Michael Brodkorb should have given his name from the start of MDE. Or do others disagree? Jordan Hawkman in particular is a hit piece, without the courage to put a name behind it. A zero. A patently offensive thing.

  8. @eric z, at least with Brodkorb, the mission of the site was clear: Take down members of the DFL, which helps clear the way for the MN GOP.

    In Jordan Hawkman’s case, the site seems to want to take down community activists who are anti-slumlords, drug dealers, level 3 sex offenders, and prostitutes, which makes me wonder what they’re hoping to achieve, or who they represent.

  9. Paul and Michelle Koenig live right next to me in a $1M estate at 1772 Majestic Pines Trail, Afton, MN 55001. It has a 20 ft. round fountain, pool and well-kept grounds. They also own racehorses at Canterbury downs.

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