Additional Reporting on the Johnny Northside Trial

MPR has an excellent piece on the trial today.

Bob Collins follows up with more, including comparisons between blogging and mainstream journalism.

Sheila Regan wrote about Day 1 of the trial for the TC Daily Planet.

Abby Simons did a pre-trial write-up for the StarTribune.

And Joe Tevlin wrote a column for the Strib about the case over the weekend.

And Sheila Regan is dropping some Tweets from the trial, including this very important one.

Mitch Berg has piece about how this case could, should Hoff lost, effect bloggers.

Secrets of the City has two threads discussing the case.

The Grand Forks Herald ran a story on Hoff that includes background from when he lived there.

Sheila Regan’s Day-2 Coverage of the trial.

David Brauer covers the trial for MinnPost. Don Allen admits to writing anonymous comments on his own blog posts. Yes, he says that he actually does that.

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