46 Reasons why Paul Koenig May Be Jordan Hawkman

I mentioned in an earlier post that Paul Koenig would have a pretty solid motive for being the man behind the Jordan Hawkman blog. He appears to have been at the Johnny Northside trial, and, being a slumlord, he’s no fan of Hoff and other North Minneapolis housing advocates (aka Slumlord haters).

Looking back at the history of blog posts written about Paul Koenig and his slumlord company, PAMIKO Properties, LLC, it’s pretty clear that bloggers who care about their community may have managed to piss the guy off.

Jeff Skrenes kicked off the PAMIKO coverage with a post in December of 2009 titled, “Does This House Look Like It’s Worth $2.5 Million?“. Seriously, a foreclosed property in North Minneapolis had a $2.5 million loan against it. Skrenes, contributing to the Johnny Northside blog at the time, explained what that was all about.

Then he kept going, and going, and going with additioal posts looking into Paul Koenig’s crumbling PAMIKO Properties, LLC slumlording empire:

Then Skrenes shifted his Koenig coverage to his own blog, North by Northside, where he blogged and blogged some more on this train wreck of a story:

And Eric Johnson hopped on the bandwagon with some posts on his Irving Inquisition blog as well:

  • 44
  • 45
  • 46

I get the impression that Skrenes, Hoff, and Johnson hate slumlords as much as I hate print yellow pages spam.

This just might be the sort of thing that could motivate Paul Koenig to start an anonymous blog that attacks North Minneapolis community members who attack slumlords.

11 thoughts on “46 Reasons why Paul Koenig May Be Jordan Hawkman”

  1. @John, good point. Paul Koenig probably didn’t hate you and Jeff as much before the stories you two were continually writing about him jumped to CityPages and the Strib.

  2. I know the court room lurking you are referencing. Bald. Aqua blue sweater. I can 100% tell you it’s not Paul Koenig. Paul is very tall, and quite a beefy man. The court room lurker was small, probably not much taller than me and rather average to small build.

    It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a friend of Koenig’s. And it doesn’t mean Koenig doesn’t have a hand in the nasty, despicable blogging.

    But I can confirm the court room lurker was not Koenig.

  3. @MeganG., I’m referring to a different lurker. The one you’re describing sat behind me while the one I think was Paul sat on the other side of the galley after you were sequestered.

  4. Ah, gotcha. Don’t know who you are referencing. John described the guy I described above. Carry on then!

  5. You guys are all over the map on who you think Jordan Hawkman is. One week it’s Terry Z., a week later it’s Don Allen. Before them Jim Watkins was accused of being JHG. Last week you speculated that Pete was a part of it. It was even suggested that a probation officer that Hoff harassed until she filed a police report and took a leave of absence might be behind JHG.
    Now you “think” you saw Koenig at the trial so he’s JHG.
    I think you are all wrong.
    I bet JHG is someone right under John Hoff’s nose. It is someone close to him that he has severely offended. It is someone that hates him so much that they have dedicated a portion of their life to see that he is brought to some kind of justice.
    Seriously, look at the amount of time JHG spends gathering information. JHG has published just about all of Hoff’s child custody/support information, tons of data on the housing code violations on his home (even an inspection report saying his furnace was beyond repair), JHG even has obtained photos of Hoff’s code violations and him at meetings. And that’s just on Hoff. I haven’t even mentioned the articles about Megan, Jeff, Eric, etc.
    The person behind JHG obviously spends more time blogging and doing research than Hoff does so I doubt that a probation officer, property manager/landlord, or Don or Terry actually have that much time to investigate and publish articles on the “NoMi terrorists”.
    What is actually amazing to me as a reader is that the person behind JHG actually has a following of “John Hoff haters” who contribute information and photos, hell I’ve even posted a comment or two on JHG when I agree with a posting. And the statistics show that JHG is more popular than Hoff’s blog (if you believe statistics).
    And if it could be Koenig, why not Bashir or Keith, or Mahmood, or maybe Danna D? There are dozens of people who I doubt would send flowers of Hoff were flattened by a bus.

    Who is JHG? I really wish I knew because I’d like to have coffee with him/her and find out why they hate John Hoff so much.

    I think all your guesses are wrong. But keep it up, it makes for good reading. Especially when you guys get sued.

  6. OMG! Did you see the Jordan Hawkman’s “response?” Totally busted. Talk about “He who protesteth too much!” LOL! You don’t even need to read the whole thing. Just look at the length of it – how the rationalization goes on and on and on and on . . . Yup, the online equivalent of Paul Koening getting his pants pulled down just happened today! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  7. @M Clinton, I’ve never read an 1,8000+ word denial letter below. And, it looks like the same person rambled on here for another 400 words.

  8. Update: the commenter listed as Anon03082011 has been posting under a variety of usernames and email addresses. As a service to my readers, I’ve consolidated those comments under a single username, Anon03082011. If Anon03082011 is not comfortable with that, Anon03082011 can leave a comment here stating so, or email me, and I’ll remove the comments.

    I think it’s unfair to my readers to have to deal with multiple usernames from the same person.

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