Yellowbook Employee rescommm74326 Closes YouTube Account

Yesterday, I wrote about an employee from the Yellowbook print yellow pages spam company that has been harassing me on YouTube. I pointed out that, in addition to being a jerk, he has literally peed on a competitor’s office and left blatantly racist comments on a competing yellow pages directory company’s YouTube videos.

After doing this, I left a comment for Mr. rescommm74326 on YouTube in response to one of his earlier comments on one of my videos. I said:

@rescommm74326 it looks like you work for? Yellowbook. That explains your motivation. I wrote up a little summary on my blog of what I found in a few minutes of searching. Try Googling your username together with mine, like this “rescommm74326 thedeets” to find it.

This brought a response from rescommm74326, who said:

I’m sure the 7 people who read your? blog will actually care. As for me, I couldn’t care less. Why not spend your time doing something positive, like, perhaps, getting a job? Or, better yet, a life?

Coincidentally, as Greg pointed out in the comments to my prior post, rescommm74326 deleted his YouTube account today. What a coinkydink.

Also, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had downloaded a copy of rescommm74326’s video where a group of Yellowbook employees held a Shake Weight party at their office. I’d hate for something like that to disappear. I know that the 7 people who read my blog will find it entertaining.

Yellowbook USA Dudes Shake Weight Party

I don’t know why rescommm74326 suddenly decided to close his YouTube account. Did someone at Yellowbook realize that they have an embarrassment working for them? Did he get canned? Did he get threatened with being canned if he didn’t delete his YouTube account? Does someone working for Yellowbook have more common sense than rescommm74326? (Let’s hope so.) Is rescommm74326 searching for a new job? A new life? All I know is that rescommm74326’s talking and walking are a bit out of sync at this point.

I hope the seven of you who read this have found it as entertaining as I have.

4 thoughts on “Yellowbook Employee rescommm74326 Closes YouTube Account”

  1. The 14% of your readership I represent is highly amused. I love watching cyberidots get expsoed for the chickensh*t’s that they typically are.
    Excellent video.

  2. 28.5% now.

    Just to sum up, Ed, you’re a midget with 7 readers, no job, no girlfriend, and nothing better to do – is that right? I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but man, have things changed.

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