Yet Another Yellowbook USA Customer Service Fail

There are some really strange people on the internet. Among the strangest I’ve seen are employees of yellow pages directory spammer, Yellowbook.

For example, I’ve recently been receiving harassing comments on a YouTube video I posted in July, 2009 titled “Yellowbook Yellow Pages Opt-Out FAIL” where I collected Yellowbooks that my neighbors hadn’t bothered to bring into their homes and returned them to our local Yellowbook office in Mendota Heights. This was inspired by Yellowbook failing to honor their promise to STOP delivering their books to me. For those who haven’t seen the video, here it is:

A new commenter has been lobbing some bombs at me on YouTube. Here is the latest:

Yellowbook Employee Says I Need Psychiatric Help?

As one might imagine, the kind of person who takes the time to attack me based on the content of a video like that probably has some sort of connection to the yellow pages spamming industry, and probably to Yellowbook specifically.

So I Googled the username, rescommm74326, and things got interesting.

Back on December 3rd, I gave a presentation about yellow pages spam at the Give & Take event at Intermedia Arts. During that presentation, I explained that there are people who hate yellow pages spam more than me. Sure, I’m not above throwing spam directories at yellow pages offices, but it’s not like I pee on their buildings. Pee on their buildings? Yes, pee on their buildings. Which is something that a YouTube user named . . . wait for it . . . rescommm74326 posted a video of himself doing, which I happened to grab two screenshots from for my 10th slide:

rescommm74326 Peeing on an Idearc Media Building

Those screengrabs are from a video titled “Idearc Media pissed me off. So I pissed on them” which has since been deleted from YouTube. To be clear, that was done by an adult.

Now, at the time, I figured that this was someone I could identify with. A print yellow pages spam hater who takes things further than I would. But, after watching this video from the same YouTube user, rescommm74326 . . .

Yellowbook USA Dudes Shake Weight Party
@rescommm74326, delete it if you want. I’ve downloaded & saved a copy.
UPDATE: @rescommm74326 deleted it, so I updated this with the copy I saved.

Hmm, is it just me, or are those Yellowbook directories in the background? Is that a Yellowbook office? It’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder whether someone harassing me about my Yellowbook video works for . . . you guessed it . . . Yellowbook.

I realize that Yellowbook has a lot of employees, but how many companies foster a culture that makes employees think it’s okay to attack end users of your product on YouTube who have a legitimate complaint about a company’s customer service incompetence?

Keep in mind that this is the same company, Yellowbook, that never responded to me about my request to be paid for their continued spamming my my property after they promised to make it stop:

While many yellow pages companies are tone deaf when it comes to dealing with the public, I think Yellowbook leads the pack.

Back to YouTube user, rescommm74326. Here is another Idearc Media video that rescommm74326 decided to comment on recently:

Here are his comments:

rescommm74326 Commenting on Idearc Media Video

Yes, he really wrote that.

@rescommm74326 has two followers on YouTube. One of them is the official YouTube account for . . . wait for it . . . Yellowbook. Yes, that’s correct. Yellowbook has associated themselves with what appears to be an employee who pees on competitor’s buildings, harasses end users of their product when they have legitimate complaints about Yellowbook failing to live up to their own promises, and makes racially horrific YouTube comments about a competitor’s spokesperson.

Yellowbook is going to have to try hard to outdo these examples of incompetence.

6 thoughts on “Yet Another Yellowbook USA Customer Service Fail”

  1. Great exposure Ed. Well done. You know, you could probably get the guy fired if you were contact the Yellow book folks.. I know you (and I) hate them.. but his is unexcusable.

  2. I am amazed at the above comments being made about a very well respected company like “Yellowbook” “Yellowbook USA” is the oldest independent yellowpages company. They are very well respected and they are one of the top companies to work for.

    Just for the record, the company above called Yellowbook Yellowpages is not now or never has been associated with the real “Yellowbook”. I know this for a fact because some of my friends who have their own business have been sent bills by this Yellowbook Yellowpages company. It is some type of internet only scam company that uses the “Yellowbook” name because of its national recognition. That is why “Yellowbook” changed it logo to a more updated swoop look a few years back so it could not be copied any more.

    As for the videos, pics of the books, etc…i am sure that is probably a scheme to make “Yellowbook” look bad by an industry competitor or even a disgruntled employee. Why would huge companies like Google and Microsoft be partnered with “Yellowbook”. Yes, that is right….Google has been a partner for a while now and the Microsoft partnership was just announced the beginning of July 2011!!

    Kudos to “Yellowbook” for their expansion from just a print directory company to also being top of their industry for SEO, SEM, Websites, Direct Mail, Print, Videos and of course the actual Print yellowpage directory.

  3. Yep, D Cross said it right, if you do correct research you will find that Yellowbook Yellow Pages is a sspamming company, solely baed on the internet. and, that Yellowbook USA has no association with them. Check your facts and do proper research. Yellowboo USA is a resopected company, and one of the oldest non-phone affiliated directory advertisers in the USA.

    Some people just don’t look past A & B to C, they stop shirt and don’t get to the bottom, only skimming the top nad making a mess of themselves.

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