Don Allen Ignores Audio Evidence That He Criticized MinnPost

This past Friday, I wrote a post regarding a 3-minute segment of Don Allen and Ron Edwards’ “ON POINT!” web based talk show where I, among other things, quoted a comment from Don Allen, where he stated:

“… Minnpost sometimes scratches the StarTribune’s back …”

David Brauer commented on that here, saying, “While I’m not afraid to write about positive news over there, whatever water is being carried is in an extremely leaky bucket.” That sounds about right. Brauer covers both hirings and firings at the StarTribune. Is reporting on a hiring is back scratching? Or, is it reporting?

Regardless, out of the eight things I mentioned in my previous post, this was the one that Don Allen addressed on this week’s show.

He didn’t address Ron Edwards’ unsubstantiated assertions that social security numbers that may have been on a computer stolen from City, Inc are being “sold on the streets.”

He didn’t address his racist comment about the Dakota people.

He didn’t address his racist comment about StarTribune reporter, Corey Mitchell’s, blackness.

He didn’t address whether Corey Mitchell is capable of doing good journalism without living in the Twin Cities for as long as Don.

He didn’t address why other wasteful spending by the Minneapolis Public Schools justifies their contract with him.

He didn’t address Ron Edwards’ false claim that the StarTribune’s story about Don Allen claims the contract was corrupt.

He didn’t get anyone to go on record to back up the claims that his work was as good as he claims.

But, he did take on the MinnPost statement at around 13 minutes into the show. Click here for a snippet.

Don Allen gets into the MinnPost thing by first trashing the StarTribune, saying that the Strib ignores civil rights issues. Then he denies that he criticized MinnPost in last week’s show:

There is a news organization called MinnPost. Last week, I referenced a story about Star & Tribune writer Corey Mitchell on MinnPost. I did not slam MinnPost. I did not talk negatively about the media outlet, because it’s one of the few trusted sources here in the Twin Cities. I want to put that out because I just saw a blog post by one of the blogging midgets here in the Twin Cities that said that ON POINT!, you know, it’s a racist radio program, and, they said we said something about the blog MinnPost, and that wasn’t the case. And, I think that was taken out of context. Plus, you can go back and actually listen to our radio show here on ON POINT! on demand.

I did go back and listen to what Don Allen said. You can too. The comment I quoted on Friday starts at 12 seconds into this clip. As far as I can tell, I quoted Don Allen accurately and within context. Perhaps Don should refresh his own memory about what he said before claiming that I took him out of context?

Frankly, I find it offensive to hear Don Allen claim that I took him out of context. Why would I take the time to make stuff up about Don when he generates so many interesting, in context, nuggets to talk about?

Keep in mind that this is the same Don Allen (of Poopgate fame) that literally made up a story about a member of the chair of a neighborhood community council allegedly exploiting black women by paying a prostitute to defecate on a house while he took a photo of her. At the time Don Allen wrote that on his blog, IBNN News, he knew that wasn’t true. When his lie was pointed out to him in the comments of his site, he deleted the comments. And, when his lie was pointed out to him here numerous times, he kept the Poopgate story live on his site.

This makes me have serious doubts about Don Allen’s respect for the truth.

Don, you can’t possibly expect to be taken seriously while you continue to host lies about community members on your blog. You can do better. The truth deserves better from you.

A Blogging Midget?

Yes, I noticed that Don Allen classified me as a “blogging midget”. Of course, in classic Don Allen style, he didn’t back up that statement. When he says that, is he literally saying that I’m a midget? Or, is it more of a figurative thing? Or, is he referring to his site’s traffic vs. mine? PageRank? Inbound links? Visits? It’s hard to say, since Don Allen didn’t back up his comment.

So, I looked around until I found a stat where outranks It took a while, but I found one. Don Allen’s blog is more highly reviewed on than my site. In fact, no one has ever reviewed my site on Alexa. But, someone has reviewed Don Allen’s site over there. In fact, they gave it a 5 out of 5-Stars review. Here it is:

Don Allen Reviews on Alexa

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Don Allen really did review himself on Alexa.

8 thoughts on “Don Allen Ignores Audio Evidence That He Criticized MinnPost”

  1. I guess when the highly respected MinnPost notes that you have attained micro-celebrity status it really means you’re a blogging midget.

  2. Not to mention that “midget” is, in itself, an offensive, outdated term.

  3. @Bill, if Don is endorsing MinnPost, and MinnPost is endorsing my blog, I guess my non-endorsement of Don carries some weight with Don.

    @veg*nation, if you want to get into linguistics, you’ll have a blast with Don.

  4. And let’s not forget the fabricated comment he made about me, alleging that I once said, “I wouldn’t give a house to a Black person if my life depended on it.”

    Add that to the pile of lies Don Allen uses to attack and intimidate. The odd part was that at the time I really had no serious disagreement with him. Other bloggers were revealing his unsavory past, but that was their deal and not mine. Yet he lumped me in and made up a false statement.

  5. A modest man would have given himself four stars, leaving something to aim for.

    Now it can at best be only a flat-line holding pattern the next time he gives himself a review and rating.

    Should he run for office? Test the waters that way? Put it to a ballot and be a five-star landslide winner?

  6. @MeganG., there is an anonymous comment here that sounds like Don, followed by some rebuttals starting at Comment #5 that are pretty enlightening. Now that Don has publicly admitted that he leaves anonymous comments, I tend to assume that Don’s the person writing glowing comments about Don.

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