Residence Inn, Plymouth, MN TP

Paul Merril's Residence Inn, Plymouth, MN TP

Paul Merrill of Stuff About Minneapolis fame checks in with a Stuff about Plymouth TP shot.

Why was Paul Merrill in a Plymouth hotel room? He doesn’t say.

Why was he in a Plymouth hotel room when he could have been at Duty’s enjoying a Dago? Again, he doesn’t say.

A metropolitan man of mystery, that Merrill.

3 thoughts on “Residence Inn, Plymouth, MN TP”

  1. Mr. Merrill has mentioned on his blog that he and his family are staying in a hotel while their home has extensive repairs done due to damage from an ice dam.

  2. Cosmos is correct, we have moved the Merrill family compound to the Residence Inn while our home gets some extensive repairs done. Although I must say Ed, I rather like the “Metropolitan Man of Mystery” moniker. 🙂

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