Delta Hotel Halifax TP

Delta Hotel Halifax TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The hotel clock is either a couple weeks ahead it 5 months behind on
daylight savings.

The yellow pages says Keep Until April 2011, yet is in mint condition.

They have no WiFi in the rooms; only wired internet for use at a desk.

The restaurant is under renovation, and room service is closed for the

It’s sleeting out.

I can’t find the TV remote.

But, the TP folding makes up for it.

2 thoughts on “Delta Hotel Halifax TP”

  1. That sounds oddly similar to The Delta in Kitchener, OT! The restaurant is sometimes open and sometimes closed, my clock is 12 minutes faster than the time on the TV (better than slow!), there are kids running around the hallways until all hours, and it is always 85 degrees, even with the windows open and the heat off. The weirdest part is that the gym is a level below the pool and there are windows in the gym that look into the pool, like at the zoo but instead you get to see the bottom half of men with speedos on. Cheers from another Delta!

  2. @Cinnamon, ha, that sounds very similar. I’m trying to make an effort to book at hotels where I’m unlikely to run into kids. Candlewood Suites and things like that. Places that business people who need a place to crash go, and no one else.

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