Five 5-Star Movies #5

Below are five more movies that I’ve given a 5-star rating to on Netflix.

Watch at your own risk.

  1. The Trials of Henry Kissinger – A damning look at how any people Henry Kissinger played a roll in killing due to his policy guidance.
  2. Purple Rain – The man. The music. The local angle. Apollonia.
  3. Fall from Grace – You know those crazy idiots who protest at the funerals of dead gay people and military funerals? This is a documentary that explains that it’s really just one family lead by the hateful Fred Phelps.
  4. Man on Wire – An inspirational documentary about a guy who did something incredibly ballsy (but not entirely idiotic).
  5. Bigger, Stronger, Faster – A documentary looking at a group of guys who are addicted to abusing steroids.

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