Don Allen Racially Attacks StarTribune Reporter

Don Allen, of Poopgate fame, has posted a video response to the story run by the StarTribune yesterday where the StarTribune’s Minneapolis Publich Schools reporter, Corey Mitchell, reported on Mr. Allen’s history of attacking the schools he’s now been hired to market.

Don doesn’t address the concerns related to the quality (or factual inaccuracy) of his work. Perhaps he felt that was addressed yesterday, when he quoted an anonymous StarTribune commenter (likely Don) who praised his work for using a crafty “flawed by design” strategy to earn free exposure due to supposedly intentionally factually inaccurate marketing materials.

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out more about this “flawed by design” tactic, whether it was approved of by the Minneapolis Public Schools, and how the Minneapolis Public Schools feel about the benefit they received from yesterday’s story? Sadly, Don took on other topics in his video rebuttal:

Don Allen claims that the reporter for the piece, Corey Mitchell, must have an “ax to grind” to write such a piece. Yet another plausible reason for the story is that the Minneapolis Public Schools chose to pay $15,000 to Don Allen of Poopgate fame.

Allen also claims that MPS board member Jill Davis said in the article that she didn’t not know who Don Allen is. Don appears to have made that up since the article does not state or infer that Jill Davis don’t know who Don Allen is.

It sounds like he’s also displeased that the StarTribune pointed out how ridiculous Don Allen’s contract is when there may be even more ridiculous contracts out there. I think that’s an “I deserve a piece of this waste as well” argument.

On top of all that, Don Allen closes with a downright racist attack on StarTribune reporter Corey Mitchell, where Allen states, “Corey Mitchell, with experience, you’ll learn never to attack another black man in Minneapolis again.” Can you believe that? Seriously, if you haven’t watched the video yet, you’re really missing out.

Don Allen actually said that.

On video.

That he recorded.

And published to his own YouTube account.

This isn’t some sort of “caught on tape” racist comment moment. It’s much worse than that.

What does Don Allen mean by that statement?

I don’t know Corey Mitchell, but based on what I’ve read of his work on the StarTribune, I’d describe him as an equal opportunity criticizer. Otherwise known as a reporter.

While Don Allen’s statement was extraordinarily racist, wouldn’t it also be considered hypocritical for Don to suggest that black men can’t criticize other black men, considering how many black men Don criticizes through his various online media outlets?

Don, I think you owe Corey Mitchell an apology. Mr. Mitchell’s job is to report on the Minneapolis Public Schools. You have a contract with the Minneapolis Public Schools. He reported on that. So you threaten the guy for violating some sort of twisted black on black racial code via video posted to YouTube?

The Bigger Picture

This is the guy the Minneapolis Public Schools chose to enter into a business relationship with.

This is the guy the Director of Communications for the Minneapolis Public Schools, Stan Alleyne, continues to defend.

This is the guy who makes up stories about community members supposedly paying prostitutes to defecate on North Minneapolis homes for photos (aka Poopgate).

I think the Minneapolis Public Schools could do better.

5 thoughts on “Don Allen Racially Attacks StarTribune Reporter”

  1. LOL- Paraphrase…

    “Hey, Public schools are sending our kids to Hell in a hand basket so why not let me profit? – Besides, I’m Black!”

    I hope that the public schools follow through with Mr. Allen’s contract and then sue the hell out of him for breach of contract when he can’t deliver quality goods.

    But I don’t think they are that smart.

  2. AND the video is back up again. Better look it over good, see if anything has been removed or altered.

    I love the way Don Allen says the reporter “got ran (sic) out of St. Louis.”

    Allen just made that up out of nowhere, obviously.

    Note how this newly-paid promoter of the schools actually attacks the schools AGAIN in this video!

    By the way, who is the deep male voice who says “Action” about half a second into the video?

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