Gran Hotel Paris, La Ceiba, Honduras TP

Gran Hotel Paris, La Ceiba Honduras TP

Check out what just arrived from Connie in Honduras.

Carly and I have been talking about vacation spot ideas for this spring. After seeing this, I think Honduras just made the short list. It looks like it may be worth leaving the hotel room once in a while too.

3 thoughts on “Gran Hotel Paris, La Ceiba, Honduras TP”

  1. Ed,

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that the only thing you can do with this is wipe your ass or blow your nose. They can do the same thing at the Hampton Inn, Lancaster, Pennsylvania or the Fairfield Inn, Traverse City, Michigan. You might want to consider re-evaluating vacation spot viability criteria to be broader than the artistic stylings in adventures with toiletry. Just say’n.

    That being said, take my last paragraph with a grain of salt and keep Honduras on the short list.

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