A Don Allen Poopgate Update

Back on February 6th, I wrote a post here on The Deets about the ridiculous accusation Don Allen made on his blog, IBNNNews.org, where he claimed that a local blogger and community activist, Eric Johnson, paid a prostitute $20 to defecate on a house for a photo. This ridiculous accusation earned the ridiculous term: Poopgate.

At that time, I explained that I had questioned Don Allen about this on his site, only to have my comments deleted. Apparently, asking Don Allen to back up his claims was inappropriate. In fact, Don went all out, removing not only my comments but all comments ever written from his site.

But, one thing that Don has not removed is his false Poopgate accusation. Sadly, Don Allen, even after being questioned about the accuracy of his Poopgate claim in the comments of his blog, on this blog, and other blogs, has let his false Poopgate claim stand.

Don Allen's False Poopgate Claim

Don, back in September, you wrote a post criticizing Minneapolis Urban League President, R. Scott Gray, where you explained what he needed to do to turn around MUL. While I don’t know the background of that situation, I think you provided some universally valid advice within that post. Here is how you broke it down:

It’s simple. Accountability, trust and respect

That seems applicable here.

When people question you on your Poopgate sources, and you delete their comments rather than provide evidence to back up your claims, you’re not being very accountable.

This makes it hard to trust you.

And, it’s hard for me to to respect someone I can’t trust.

Don, you can do better than this. If it’s accountability, trust, and respect that you’re looking for from others, make a point to do the same. Otherwise, you’re creating a burden for your readers, who are forced to wade through a combination of great reporting from under covered events, solid arguments, and Poopgates, wondering “can I trust Don this time?”

3 thoughts on “A Don Allen Poopgate Update”

  1. It’s especially disturbing, considering that when the Irving Inquisition blog wrote about the defecating hooker ( http://www.irvinginquisition.com/2010/07/lost-and-still-lost.html ) – he actually wrote an explanation of how the photo came to be. The truth was right there all along and Don Allen chose to just make up false accusations of defamatory and criminal behavior.

    But this is not surprising from someone like Don Allen who does things such as stealing check books from bedridden veterans. (See court docs on Irving Inquisition blog)

  2. Wow, that’s a weird rant by Don. It’s so strange to hear Don claim that John only picks on black people. As far as I can tell, John is an equal opportunity criticizer of people he thinks are hurting North Minneapolis.

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