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I’ve noticed an incredible spike in blog spam from two websites: and

Both sites are peppering this blog with ridiculous amounts of spam (thankfully, all of it is caught by the spam filters). Here is an example of what they’ve spammed this site with over the past 2-3 days: /

If you’re looking for a company to work with for link building, do NOT consider working with either of these two. They’re pure spammers.

I’m not alone in noticing this. Barman from has called this company a scam, and has a collection of 239 spam comments from posted on his blog.

Coincidentally, the NY Times has a story up today that explains why companies do this (and why it’s not a good idea). Also, check this out: I just linked to the NY Times NOT because an SEO spammed this site on behalf of the NY Times. I linked to them because they created something worth linking to. That is a best case scenario form of link building for ya.

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  1. Dear lord, part of my job involves SEO, but I’m always reluctant to mention it for fear of being associated with jackholes like this.

  2. OK. I’ve never had a reference to Racoons in my blog spam, that’s awesome. I almost cried while reading it was great too, I often cry at your neighborhood profiles because um..I just do.
    And finally, “I owe you my life”.

    Not going to lie Ed, you get much better spam that I do, I typically get Chineslish writers who have never heard of articles or prepisitions.

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