Brown Air Over St. Paul

Brown Air in St Paul

It’s always fun to check out the Twin Cities during a flight arrival at MSP. However, it’s a bit less cool when I pass through a thick layer of brown air on the way in like I did today around 1pm. The shot above has Mendota in the foreground (coming in over Ft. Snelling from the east).

Here’s a landscape view of the air we breath.

Brown Air in St. Paul

The air is pretty calm in town today, which I imagine accounts for the accumulation of filth here rather than exporting it to our neighbors to the east in Wisconsin.

3 thoughts on “Brown Air Over St. Paul”

  1. @Skyler K, it totally has an LA vibe. LA has it more often since it’s surrounded by mountains. It’s not every day that we can visualize what we’re doing to the air we have to breathe.

  2. You can also judge the air quality by standing at the high point of the U of M transitway and looking toward the Mpls skyline. Some days you can hardly see it.

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