North Minneapolis Blog Wars & Minneapolis Public Schools

It’s been a busy day in the North Minneapolis blog fight scene.

Sheila Regan has a great round-up of the action at the TC Daily Planet. Strangely, Don Allen (of Poopgate fame) threatened to sue Sheila if she wrote about what bloggers are blogging about. If I blog about what a journalist wrote about bloggers, should I expect to be sued too? I hope not.

Then Connie at Over North published emails she’s been receiving from what appears to be the same person(s) where they’ve been anonymously threatening her via email. Again pathetic.

And, the same commenter who previous posted as an impostor here is now trying to negotiate for the reinstatement of one of the comments they left:

Negotiating Comment Reinstatement

Did this anonymous commenter really suggest that I should reinstate one of their previous comments because it’s “fairly truthful”? Yes. Yes they did.

Irving Inquisition has run piled onto the Poopgate scene with a new post that includes a video of strange things Don Allen has stated on the Minneapolis Issues list. Keep in mind that this is the same Poopgate Don Allen who the Minneapolis Public Schools has decided to contract with.

The Minneapolis Public Schools should NOT contract with people who make up lies. And, by lies, I’m referring specifically (but not exclusively) to Don Allen’s lie about Eric Johnson where Don Allen accused Johnson of paying a prostitute to defecate on a house for a photo. When Don Allen was challenged on that accusation, he deleted the comments. Yet he continues to post complete falsehoods about Eric Johnson and other members of our community.

I’d like to think that there is NO WAY that this type of behavior would be acceptible if it were being conducted by an employee of the Minneapolis Public Schools, and I would hope that we’d hold our city’s contractors to the same standards. Could you imagine a teacher educating our students by day, and blogging lies claiming that tax paying community members are paying prostitutes to defecate on houses by night?

The Minneapolis Public Schools should not contract with people who blog lies, claiming that tax paying community members are paying prostitutes to defecate on houses. As a taxpaying resident of the City of Minneapolis, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like the Minneapolis Public Schools have gotten the message yet. As Sheila Regan reported, they’re standing by Don Allen at this point:

Stan Alleyne, Communications Director from the Minneapolis Pubic Schools, said that the $15,000 contract was taken on as a way to draw students back into the district. Many kids have gone to charter schools, private schools, and suburban schools, and Allen put together a proposal several months ago involving video production, print ads and radio PSAs with the theme of diversity and the strength of the district.

“The district is moving forward,” Alleyne said. “We’re trying to boost enrollment and retain families.” Part of the contract also entails spotlighting accomplishments of employees and graduates of Minneapolis public schools.

I get the impression that the proposal itself is a decent project. My concerns is whether it’s in the best interest of the Minneapolis Public Schools to contract with a documented liar to carry out the proposal.

If Don Allen can’t be trusted to tell the truth in a public forum, I have no choice but to seriously doubt whether he’ll fulfill the promises he’s made in the contract he’s entered with the Minneapolis Public Schools.

That being said, if the Minneapolis Public Schools doesn’t pay a dime until the contract is fulfilled, it doesn’t seem like we have much to lose. Or do we? Don Allen has proven to be a litigious dude. As I mentioned above, he threatened to sue a local journalist for reporting on this stuff. Here’s a snippet from what Sheila wrote in a sidebar to her story on the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

Shortly after I contacted the Minneapolis Public Schools to inquire about the contract, Jeremy Iggers, the Executive Director of the TC Media Alliance, answered a phone call from Donald Allen at the TC Daily Planet office. Allen asked for me to call him back, and talking about going down to the police station and adding me to his harassment complaint, presumably if I wrote something unfavorable.

Which begs the question: What are the chances that Don Allen would sue the Minneapolis Public Schools if they decided to pull out of their contract? That doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for a guy who threatened to sue a journalist.

3 thoughts on “North Minneapolis Blog Wars & Minneapolis Public Schools”

  1. I want to urge the person who took the infamous Poopgate photo to come out of the closet and ‘fess up!

    When the true author of the photo is definitively revealed, then the piss-stained lies of Don Allen will be fully exposed. It’s not right that Eric Johnson of Irving Inquisition has to keep his mouth shut, knowing very well who took the photo but refusing to reveal his source. Lots of people in the neighborhood know who took the photo, but this is a case of “even he who smells it will not tell it.”

  2. LOL @ “even he who smells it will not tell it.”

    I know who took the photo too.

    But it’s not fair to name that person – they can identify themselves if they choose to. I suspect this may be yet another case of a person being afraid that any name association with this sloppy mess will lead to them being smeared across the internet.

    It’s sad, really.

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