Five 5-Star Movies #2

Below are five more movies that I’ve rated 5-stars on Netflix.

  1. Louis C. K.: Chewed Up – Louis C. K. does not disappoint.
  2. Frontline: Poisoned Water – This is an excellent look at just how complex water quality regulation can be. Chesapeake Bay is one of the focuses of this, where pollution from many states are contributing to the destruction of the bay, but none want to take responsibility for their contribution to the damage. And Tyson chicken crap corporation isn’t helping one bit.
  3. Beer Wars – A solid look at the complexities of beer distribution in the United States. In a nutshell, macro breweries give money to John Boehner, who makes sure that you’ll rarely see interesting beers in bars and liquor stores.
  4. The Vice Guide to Travel – This is the craziest and most interesting travel show I’ve ever watched. For example, they travel to the Pakistan / Afghanistan border to buy a machine gun. Visit North Korea, Bulgaria, Chernobyl, and Liberia. If you’re looking for some WAY off the beaten path places to visit, check this out.
  5. Sick Around the World – This host of this Frontline documentary visits the U.K., Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan to compare and contrast the healthcare programs of each country. This should be watched by anyone who wants to have an informed opinion on healthcare policies in the United States.

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