Run Minneapolis: Shingle Creek Neighborhood

N Vincent Ave at N 51st Ave

I was up in the Shingle Creek neighborhood of Minneapolis for a 7 mile or so run on Saturday.

Homes in Shingle Creek, Minneapolis

The homes above are pretty representative of what’s in Shingle Creek. They went up in the 1950’s, making it one of the youngest communities in the city.

Shingle Creek Neighborhood Welcomes You

Cool neighborhood sign.

Grain Elevators along 49th St in North Minneapolis

The southern border of Shingle Creek is made up of a train yard with grain elevators and some other industrial businesses in the Humboldt Industrial area.

Shingle Creek School

Shingle Creek Elementary closed in 2007. This isn’t the first time the school has been closed. Apparently, people in the neighborhood are having fewer kids these days (and the occupancy rate of houses isn’t as high as it once was).

Shingle Creek Park

Right next door to the school is Shingle Creek Park, which appears to be in great shape.

Free Wireless Minneapolis Hotspot - WiFi

The City of Minneapolis offers free WiFi hotspots in a variety of locations around town. Shingle Creek Park appears to be one of them.

Basketball Hoop Return

Are basketball returns on hoops creating a generation of friendless, pudgy, H-O-R-S-E champions?

Frozen Shingle Creek

Shingle Creek (from the bridge at 49th St) has some human and non-human tracks on it.

Creekview Neighborhood Center

The east side of Shingle Creek is home to Creekview Park & Neighborhood Center, and Floyd B Olson Middle School. Creekview boasts of having the tallest slide in the city at 30 feet.

Homes on N Humboldt Ave

The easternmost part of my run took me north on Humboldt Ave N, which has some of the newest homes in the city in the Humboldt Greenway development.

Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Working my way back west, I passed the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church on James.

Coldwell Banker Burnet / Weichert Listing?

It looks like the Weichert agent didn’t get the job done on this listing. I wonder if they still think they have it, and don’t realize that their is a Coldwell Banker Burnet sign in the yard these days? That may explain why things didn’t work out for the Weichert agent. This one can be yours for $64,900.

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  1. I was googling my old elementary school and found this post. You have great pictures of the old neighborhood. My folks built a house similar to the one in the For Sale in 1958. The neighborhood was bursting with families back then and Shingle Creek Elementary had huge class sizes in the 1960’s when we attended. Thanks for sharing your great pictures, it took me down memory lane. What is now Creekview and Olson Middle School was just Olson Junior High. The pool that has the slide now was just our school PE pool (and home pool for Patrick Henry High School swim teams). The pool was open some evenings and during the summer for swimming for free.

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