Creative Commons Remixed

Back in 2007, Carly snapped this shot of me reading a printed form of day old news while we were riding the train in from the the airport into Amsterdam:

Reading the International Herald Tribune

Last week, a portion of that picture was used to create this:

Photo Manipulation Challenge: Breaking The Ice

That’s just one of the remixes riffing off a train stop shot. Here is a link to the rest.

4 thoughts on “Creative Commons Remixed”

  1. Wow, you look a lot different in better lighting.

    I’ve been wondering about creative commons licensing now that my photos are being dropped into the wiki entries for Hibbing and St Paul…I’m pro-wiki and not anti-CC, but it does seem like they took the weakest way possible to attribute the photographer. Check it out, see if you can find the attribute…but overall, I feel weakly both ways.

  2. @The Other Mike, better lighting and a few years make a difference.

    Wikipedia doesn’t prominently display the contributions of any contributors. The bar for creating a Wikipedia worthy photo is higher than editing the grammar of a page, but that’s how they roll. You could change your Flickr settings if you’re not comfortable with that, or drop a note on Wikipedia within the discussion page of relevant pages if you’re not comfortable with how they’ve used your photos.

  3. I can understand Wiki not prominently displaying contributors, but that doesn’t excuse the use of photos by these contributors anymore than MDE use.

    But ultimately what this exposes is my own ignorance and idealism, upon which I did make my decision after discussing the issue with the wiki contributor (who thanked me for the use of the St Paul photo, who kindly educated me in how wiki attributes so I didn’t have to search it out on my own).

    And my decision is in essence covered in my posting above–that I am not anti-wiki enough to bother asking them to remove it. In addition, my confusion with CC with attribute setting hasn’t caused me to change my CC setting…yet.

    But I am conflicted with CC, in part due to attribution a la wiki, because I know they could do better, to create a more obvious win-win attribution for the photos they use…which is all I had expected when I choose that setting. Still, I know pro photographers, and I can’t help but feel like I’ve taken money and recognition out of their pocketbooks…so maybe I should tighten up my CC setting.

  4. @The Other Mike, there is a big difference between what Wikipedia editors did and what MDE’s writers did. The MDE crowd used copyrighted images while the Wikipedia editors used images that you authorized for use under your Creative Commons settings. CC licensing is still a relatively new thing, so photos do occasionally pop up in unexpected places. But, it’s an easy problem to solve: flip your CC switch on Flickr. Once that’s done, your photos won’t show up in searches for CC licensed photos, so won’t end up on sites like Wikipedia. Or, at least they’ll need to ask you first rather than presume that you’re cool with it.

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